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This Velvet-Draped Crosley Record Player Is Worthy Of Your Vinyl

It's exactly what your music collection deserves.

We’ll be the first to admit that there’s nothing more convenient than being able to stream music, but we’ll just as readily admit there’s something big missing when you choose to only stream. First of all, those annoying audiophiles are right — vinyl sounds better. More importantly, music is something that should be collected and stored on a prominent shelf, pulled out and played like the cherished piece of art that it is. 

This beautiful record player also streams your music.

A worthy record collection should have an equally special record player. Which brings us to this limited edition Crosley record player. It’s a maroon velvet showpiece, pure and simple. The Crosley turntable has built-in speakers, is Bluetooth-compatible (meaning it basically doubles as a Bluetooth speaker) and is as portable as a briefcase. Oh, and it’s housed in wine-colored velvet. 

If you're a jeans guy, you'll be into this denim Crosley turntable.

It plays your vinyl LPs, sure, but is also compatible with all portable audio players. Meaning, if you’re not feeling the vinyl vibe, use it to stream Kevin Morby from whatever music service you prefer. Because it’s Bluetooth, you can use it to stream music wirelessly from any handheld device. It has three speeds: 33 1/3, 45, 78 and a headphone jack, so you can go full immersion on a record

Leather armchair, crackling fire, and glass of single malt not included.

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