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This Columbia Windbreaker Is Your Kid’s Perfect Transitional Layer

The classic windbreaker has everything your kid needs, and nothing she doesn't.

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Looking for a great seasonal jacket for your kid? Let me introduce you to the Columbia Pixel Grabber Reversible. The jacket is not anything new, exactly. It’s not made from recycled water bottles. It doesn’t glow in the dark. It’s not especially high-tech. What it is, however, is a high-quality, water-resistant windbreaker that’s not only comfortable and easy for my kid to put on but is also packed with a number of features all parents can appreciate (hello, big-ass pockets). It’s the ideal transition-season jacket. And, as it’s reversible, you essentially get two jackets (and half the laundry) for the price of one.  

The Pixel Grabber Reversible has that classic swishy, rain-resistant poly on the outside; the inside (including the hood), however, is a polyester jersey that’s soft to the touch, making it feel warmer when the temperature drops. The cuffs and hood are fitted just right, keeping the chill out and the hood on when it needs to be, while the pockets — which are reversible; well done, Columbia — are big enough for random kid obsessions.

We also love that the zipper is sturdy, with a metal slider, making it hard for kids to break and easy for them to use. The jacket’s also lightweight and easy to roll up and shove into a bag without taking much space. This makes it convenient for days that are warm in the sun and cold in the shade. 

While it’s a shame that the nine colorways are so gendered (must all our kids wear flowers or camo?), the design is simple, without a lot of the frills and excesses of similar jackets out there. It looks nice. My kid looks cute with it on. She’s warm and dry. She can put the jacket on and take it off herself, and she can fit 12 acorns, a tennis ball, a big rock, and two small dinosaurs in her pockets. That’s a lot fewer things for parents to worry about.