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Drink Your Morning Coffee Guilt-Free With These Compostable Capsules

You try to be a good steward of the earth. You cycle to work, recycle cans, and force your kids to take 3-minute showers. But there’s one thing you won’t give up no matter how much it’s destroying the planet: single-serve coffee capsules. Well, thanks to Colonna’s new compostable Nespresso coffee capsules, you don’t have to. So, please, feel free to stop hiding all of your K-cups behind the Corn Flakes and come out of the pantry.

Colonna Compostable Coffee Capsules

Joining the band Green Day on the wild “fourth” wave of eco-friendly coffee, Colonna’s recently unveiled decomposing capsules of high-end java are designed to fit your Nespresso machine. Here’s what you need to know about it:

  • The single-origin Lempira beans are from a tiny 6-acre farm in Honduras known as Mi Bendicion. Only 25 bags a year are produced and Colonna got it all. Or most of it.
  • In terms of taste, the coffee, “showcases the depth of praline and soft spice, accompanied by juicy notes of red apple and honeysuckle.” Sounds delicious, no?
  • It’s being sold for a limited-time only (obviously, until those 25 bags are gone) in boxes of 40 ($30), 80 ($60), or 120 ($90) capsules. Capsules, again, that will eventually disappear like the Statue of Liberty in a David Copperfield special.

Oh, one more thing: Anybody who pre-orders before March will also score 15% off all future composting pods … for life! Which means that not only will you be doing even more to save the planet, your kids can start taking 3 and a half minute showers.
(Pre-order for April 2017)

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