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Cinder Is A ‘Smart’ Grill That Cooks Steak To Perfection Every Time

Nobody’s questioning your ability to cook the perfect steak ⏤ you’ve spent years honing your craft. Understood. But toss a crying baby or a nagging toddler into the kitchen, and even the best of them can get thrown off their game. If you don’t want to take any chances on accidentally ruining that choice filet, let Cinder, a smart grill, cook it for you.

Almost like having Gordon Ramsey living in your kitchen but without the embarrassment of getting screamed at in front of your kids every night, Cinder is a countertop “precision” grill that can purportedly cook meat to restaurant-quality standards and “within 0.1 degree of the target temperature.” Talk about a #Fail. Nice try, Cinder Grill! Seriously, though, to pull off such a feat, the smart grill uses a combination of tiny bulb-sized heating elements (that continuously turn off and on) and voodoo science ⏤ or, algorithms similar to those used by rocket scientists to keep satellites from going adrift. And because the Cinder cools down on a dime, they claim that the meat can’t be overcooked, even if you leave it on long after the timer goes off.

It’s controlled either by using an accompanying iOS app ⏤ which also calculates how long the meat should cook and at what temp ⏤ or manually in case you just started rocking that new old-school Nokia 3310. Hotter still, there’s also a 90-second searing option at the end of the cooking process that ensures your steaks are perfectly caramelized and your kitchen is devoid of smoke. (Your smart oven knobs won’t even leap into action).

Cinder Grill

Drawing obvious comparisons to the old George Forman of yesteryear, Cinder can also be used to cook hamburgers, grilled cheese, pancakes, whatever ⏤ all the kid favorites with which you’ve started pairing beer. Even frozen foods. So, no, you aren’t obligated to eat prime rib every night just because you own one.

And speaking of owning one: They’ve already sold out of the first 1,000 units (which are currently being delivered) and are just about to launch a new Indiegogo campaign to fund the next batch. All you need to do get in on the hot grilling action is sign up on their website, and they’ll let you know when you can order. Because, seriously, nobody is questioning your ability to buy stuff online.

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