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Chef’s Knives, Le Creuset Cookware, & More Deals to Score at Sur La Table’s Massive Sale

Now's the time to get that new Dutch oven, Instant Pot, or chef's knife you've been dreaming of.

Every day, the Internet is teeming with deals, sales, discounts, and savings. But, as the Internet is a big, distracting place, said deals can be difficult to find. Plus, you don’t have time to sniff ’em all out. You have work and kids and a total of 25 minutes of free time that shouldn’t be spent looking for discounts. So, to help you out, we’ll be combing through the daily offerings and rounding up the deals we like, and think you might find useful. Today: Sur La Table is having a sale so big it’s taking over. Check out deals on knives, appliances, cookware and more.

Miyabi Kaizen II Chef’s Knife

Every chef, be they an amateur or Michelin-starred master, needs a good knife. This Japanese-made Miyabi, the layered steel blade of which is honed by hand, is a worthy entrant. It holds its blade well, is equally adept for mincing garlic as it is breaking down a full bird, and, today, is just $130.

Buy Now $130

Le Creuset Signature Deep Round Dutch Oven

Stews. Chilis. Slow Roasts. Deep Frying. A good Dutch Oven does it all. The cast iron construction, near indestructible double enamel finish, and secure lid of this Le Creuset model make it one of the most dependable. Today, it’s $125 cheaper than usual.

Buy Now $200

Instant Pot Ultra

The Instant Pot has a devoted following for a reason. There’s seemingly nothing you can cook with it, from yogurt to ribs to pasta, and its pressure cooking function can shave literal hours off of cook times. If you’ve yet to join the cult of the Instant Pot, this is a great chance to. Sur La Table is taking over half off the price of three different sizes, including the normally $240 three-quart model that’s going for $110 today.

Buy Now $110

All-Clad HA1 Nonstick Skillets, 10″ & 12″ Set

We don’t need to sell you on nonstick pans. They’re easy to cook with, let you use less oil and can be cleaned with minimal elbow grease. This two-pack from All-Clad comes with 10- and 12-inch skillets and lids. Their durable, stainless steel construction is backed by a lifetime warranty; these aren’t the crappy pans you had in college. Save $75 when you buy the pair today.

Buy Now $100

AeroGarden Harvest Elite WiFi with Gourmet Herbs Seed Pod Kit

Do you need a WiFi-enabled herb garden? Probably not, but don’t you kind of want one? Fresh herbs just make things taste better, and this indoor gardening system makes it easy to grow your own. It automates the amount of light (from more than 100 LED bulbs), water and nutrients provided to the plants in order to ensure optimal growing conditions. It comes with seed pods that will grow basil, mint, thyme, Thai basil, curly parsley and dill, and more options are available. Pick one up today for 37 percent less than usual.

Buy Now $144