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The Cameleon3 Kite Is Bugaboo’s Limited Edition Stroller

As if Bugaboo modular strollers weren’t already eye-catching enough — what, with their sleek design, reversible seat, and ability to fold up into the palm of your hand — the company’s gone off and made the Cameleon3 Kite. It’s the only time in your life you’ll describe a baby stroller as sexy.

This limited-edition Cameleon3 Kite version of Bugaboo’s iconic model boasts all the same high-end features you’ve come to expect in a Bugaboo. It still converts from bassinet to reclinable seat as your baby grows. It still rocks a reverse handlebar so the big wheels can face forward for rockier terrain (or switch to 2-wheel mode for sand or snow). And it can still smoothly turn on a dime thanks to adjustable swivel wheel suspension.

Bugaboo Chameleon Kite Stroller

What’s new really boils down to color and style. The Bugaboo Cameleon3 Kite LE sports a “geometric kite print complemented by balsam green fabric on the seat, bassinet and sun canopy.” Aesthetics aside, it also dons a black hand-stitched, faux-leather handlebar, aluminum chassis, and a sun canopy that now rocks an easy-open window so you can still spy Junior as you stroll down the street whistling a tune. Bugaboo Cameleon3 Kite also comes with an attachable 3-layer muslin cotton blanket in the same green, too. Although if you already own a Bugaboo and just appreciate the new hue, you can pick up the Footmuff blanket separately — it fits all models and runs around $150.

All in, the new Cameleon3 Kite LE costs just about $200 more than the standard and is currently available for pre-order with delivery slated for March.
(Pre-order for March)

Buy Now $999

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