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Brilliant Is An Alexa-Enabled Light Switch That Controls Your Smart Home

Remember when universal remote controls came out, and you couldn’t wait to trade in your coffee table full of smart home devices for a single glorious controller. And then you realized, wait a sec, this thing barely even turns on my TV. (WTF, manufacturer’s code?) Well, technology’s come a long way since then, and today most people use their smartphones to control their smart homes. If you’d rather not get stuck checking work email every time you turn up the thermostat, however, take a look at Brilliant Control: It’s a touch screen light switch that ⏤ much like the kids ⏤ runs the house.

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Almost the same size as a standard light switch cover, the (obviously very humble) Brilliant Control requires no new wiring so you can literally install it in 5-10 minutes. Roll with one in the foyer to control the whole house, or put them in everybody’s room and use the video conferencing function to never yell up the stairs again. Dinner is on the table, over and out. You could also use it to wake the kids up in the morning, without even getting out of bed.

Because … to turn on, off or dim, you simply swipe the Brilliant Control’s touchscreen as you would a phone or talk to it ⏤ Amazon Alexa support comes standard. Just be careful not to tell it that you’re “Blinded By The Light,” lest it get confused between dimming the lamp and queuing up Bruce Springsteen. Brilliant Control integrates with nearly a dozen different Bluetooth and WiFi smart devices, from Sonos to Nest to your Slide automatic curtains.

Brilliant Control Smart Light Switch

Single switches run $199 while units that fit 2-, 3-, and 4-switch outlets range from $249 to $349. The only catch, unfortunately, is that their first batch is already sold out. Fear not, though: sign up on their site today and not only will you be notified when they’re on sale, but you’ll score $20 off ⏤ no manufacturer’s code necessary.
(Available late 2017)

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