Amazon’s Having a Huge One-Day Sale On Board Games and Puzzles Right Now

Replace that rusty version of Operation for only $14.

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Operation. Mouse Trap. Candy Land. Sorry!. All classic games you loved as a kid but are probably still sitting in a closet ⏤ pieces missing and boxes dilapidated ⏤ at your parents’ house. Where they’re doing your kids zero good. Well, here’s a chance to buy new versions of them all on the cheap, plus a whole batch of other cool games and puzzles the kids will soon love. Amazon is running a one-day sale today only on over 68 different games, knocking as much as 53 percent off some. If we had to break it down, most of the games fall into one of these categories:


The tried-and-true games from your childhood mentioned above, plus kid-friendly takes on others like Clue and Life Junior ($10 and $8, respectively). You can replace Sorry!, or that rusty version of Operation, or score the Disney Princess Edition of Candy Land, for $14 each.

Kids Games

Egged On, Doggie Doo, Mouse Trap, Catch The Fox, and Ants in Your Pants. All those fun kid games are running between $12 and $15, many marked down from $30.


Pick a theme ⏤ Disney Characters, Super Friends, Baby Animals, Frozen, Marvel Comics, etc. ⏤ and there’s matching game on sale for as little as $6.


Perhaps your kids are more puzzle people? If so, you’re in luck. They’re also cutting the prices on a ton of Ravensburger puzzles, from the solar system and mermaids to railroads and the world map. There are plenty to choose from and they start around $7 a pop.

Click here to see the full lineup of on sale games.

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