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Save $26 On the Instant Pot Blender, Which Also Cooks Your Food

The Ace Plus is the best blender for your money.

For Black Friday, which officially starts Nov. 22, we’re awaiting serious deals on Instant Pots and blenders. But to get things started a bit early, here’s a big deal on one of our most beloved blenders, one that actually cooks your food while blending it.

The Ace Plus blender, normally $149.99, also cooks your food.

Leave it to the geniuses at Instant Pot to create a do-it-all blender at a fraction of what the Vitamix costs. The Ace Plus cooks your food, thanks to its cold or hot blending programs. It has eight one touch programs to make smoothies, crushed ice, nut butter, nut/oat milk, soy milk, rice milk, and soup.

You can delay start time up to 12 hours so you can have your warm soy milk when you wake up, with your latte. Of course. As one does. 

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