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There Is an Unbelievable Black Friday Deal on This Portable Grill

Get it before it sells out.

Grillmasters everywhere, rejoice—the Coleman RoadTrip LXE Portable Propane Grill is currently half off at Walmart for Black Friday, down to a deeply discounted $114 from its original price of $199. Perfect for anyone who loves tailgating, camping or firing up the barbecue with friends, the lightweight grill is as easy to take on-the-go as it is to use.

Not only does it fold up into a compact, comfortable-to-carry size thanks to the collapsible stand, the grill also has an Instastart ignition system, so you can turn it on by simply pressing a button (no lighter or matches required!). With one tank of propane, you’ll be able to cook for just over an hour with the grill’s 20,000 BTUs of power and PerfectFlow technology, which keeps the heat even and steady across the cast iron grate.

And if you’re worried about sacrificing space, don’t be—the 285-square-inch cooktop offers plenty of room for all of the burgers and dogs your hungry heart desires. As one reviewer says, you’ll get “the ‘big grill’ convenience over some of the smaller portable grills.” Plus, the special Swaptop design lets you change out the grill grates for either a stovetop or a griddle (which are both sold separately), while the slide-out shelves provide even more room for prep and storage.

Note that the deal, available in Walmart stores and on, only applies to the red color and lasts until Sunday, November 25 at midnight. However, the Coleman RoadTrip LXE Portable Propane Grill could sell out sooner, so buy it as soon as possible if it’s on your list.

Buy Now $114