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Lasso Up the Perfect Wonder Woman Gifts Just in Time for ‘WW84’

Wonder Woman! She's back! Here's all the best stuff featuring our favorite Amazon Warrior.

Wonder Woman 1984 is on the way to save many of us from the Christmas Day doldrums as we wait our turn to get the coronavirus vaccine. The imminent release of the Gal Gadot/Chris Pine/Kristen Wiig/Pedro Pascal film on HBO Max also leaves just enough time to lasso Wonder Woman goodies for the kids, a friend, or, yourself!

From action figures to toasters to sweatshirts, and more, here’s all the best Wonder Woman gear we could find. There are costumes for kids, toys for adults, and everything in between. The only thing missing is an actual golden lasso that prevents people from telling lies. It’s possible not all of these gifts will arrive before Christmas, but it’s also equally possible that the superhero fan in your life — from little kids to spouses — might want some Wonder Woman swag after the new movie comes out.

This vibrant backpack features the classic Wonder Woman logo front and center. And the color scheme is a nice tribute to the '80s. It has one front zipper pocket, two elasticized bottle pockets, one interior zippered pocket in main compartment, and three interior elasticized pockets. And the whole thing is machine-washable.

Funko are the masters of tiny vinyl figures, and they’ve got a bunch devoted to our favorite Amazonian, her allies and enemies. We kinda love the DC Holiday Wonder Woman with Lights Lasso Pop! Vinyl Figure, but also the 'Wonder Woman 1984' Diana Prince Gala Pop! Vinyl Figure.

Young girls worship Wonder Woman, understandably so, and they’ll get a kick out of keeping Covid-19 at bay with the colorful designs in Old Navy’s Variety 3-Pack of Licensed Pop Culture Contoured Face Masks for Kids.

Gal Gadot looks glorious – and ready to kick ass -- in her Golden Eagle Armor, and now you can too.

Perfect for the young, or young at heart to imagine their own superhero action scenes, this two-sided model includes a high-tech bunker and a revolving transmitter tower (that rotates 360 degrees and up and down), as well as winged Wonder Woman, Cheetah and Max mini-figures.

Put your face or your partner's face on the head of a Wonder Woman bobble head. You can choose the eye color, hair color, and skin color, and even select the base. Of course, this one won’t be ready in time for the holidays. Well, maybe it can be if you pay the premium price for expediency.

How about a different kind of toast to Wonder Woman, or make that literally Wonder Woman toast. Yes, you imprint Wonder Woman's logo right onto your wheat slices!

The good folks out at Hero Collector/Eaglemoss in the UK crafted a Wonder Woman Mythologies line of 1:16 scale figures that pays tribute to the 75+ years of Wonder Woman history. Each beautiful, hand-painted figure is accompanied by a 12-page magazine which includes original articles and art inspired by the figure.

Ready for a little Wonder Woman cosplay at home? If so, Rubies has you covered, literally, with this costume that comes with a corset, headpiece, skirt, gauntlets, belt, and cape. And, yes, you can buy the lasso separately.

You can take Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman everywhere you go, assuming you go anywhere, with this basic 'Wonder Woman 1984' sweatshirt.

We’re puzzled as to why no one has bought us one of these yet, but the whole family can help bring Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman into focus with this puzzle from WAHE, which is available in 300, 500, 1000, and 1500-piece versions.

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