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Best Vacuums for Pet Hair

You love your pet, but you hate its hair. These are the vacuums that can keep your home fur-free.

Dogs and cats make affectionate, playful, engaging companions for you and your kids. But you know what else they do even better? Shed their fur. Even the tiny ones, the chihuahuas, the shih tzus, the pomeranians, can leave a ton of hair in their wake. So unless you like living with every surface of your home covered in hair, a vacuum that can handle your pet’s discarded fur is an absolute must.

Vacuum cleaners come in plenty of different form factors, but not every one is up to the task of eradicating pet hair. Our favorite vacuum cleaners for sucking up pet hair come in canister, upright, stick, and handheld styles. They’re highly recommended by Fatherly staffers and online reviewers, and they come in prices to fit any budget. No matter which one you ultimately pick, you’ll be arming yourself with a powerful weapon in the fight against loose fur.

We have two cats in our home. These cats shed with abandon. And this robotic vacuum gets every tuft of fur on the floor. Every day. With (almost) zero headaches.

Pros: This robotic vacuum has pretty solid WiFi connectivity, so you can program it to work every day, on a specific schedule, using your phone. The high-efficiency filter grabs a scary amount of dust, and its three-stage cleaning system loosens, lifts, and suctions up pet hair.

Cons: It tends to get stuck under furniture, often in the same places over and over again, and has some issue with docking itself. But it sure beats vacuuming on your own.

This cordless handheld vacuum comes with three different tools to remove all kinds of pet hair all over your house.

Pros: The motorized brush is great for embedded dirt and hair from the floor while the upholstery tool works well on hair-covered furniture. The crevice tool helps you get into harder to reach areas where hair and dust can gather.

Cons: While it does offer cordless freedom, the included 14.4-volt lithium ion battery only offers a run time of up to 17 minutes, so it’s better for smaller jobs.

For a versatile, inexpensive vacuum cleaner, look no further than the Eureka Blaze. You get a stick vacuum, hand vacuum, and stair vacuum powered by a corded model with plenty of power, and a crevice tool makes it easy to pick up the hard-to-reach fur your pets leave behind.

Pros: A bagless design and washable filters mean you don’t have to buy disposable versions of either. The Blaze is just four pounds, which is crazy light, and it’s even lighter when in its stair and handheld configurations. The capture nozzle is nice and open so you won’t get stuck pushing debris around the floor. There’s also swivel steering which, when coupled with the light weight of the vacuum, makes it extremely easy to move around.

Cons: If you have high pile carpet, the lack of a vigorous brushroll means the Blaze probably won’t clean as deep as you’d like it to. We also wish there were attachments beyond a simple crevice tool.

A cordless stick profile with Hoover's WindTunnel tech means a nice combination of convenient storage and use along with plenty of suction. It can handle all kinds of surfaces, from hardwood floors to plush carpets.

Pros: The lower profile base and extreme recline handle add up to a vacuum that can slide under furniture with ease. The three channels of suction and wide profile mean you can clean the floor with fewer strokes. A vigorous brushroll and edge cleaning bristles mean that embedded dirt and hair gets torn up and sucked in.

Cons: If you have a big house with lots of floors to clean, this isn’t the vacuum for you, as stopping mid-clean to charge the battery would be quite annoying. You could buy an extra, of course, but that’s an added expense that can be easily avoided with a plug-in model.

This canister vacuum has wheels that make it easy to wheel around and a cord and tube that are plenty long. And we're not exactly sure why this matters, but it's also nice that it comes in four different colors. The blower port is another nice feature that lets you use it as a way to clear debris (think of the leaves that collect in your garage during the fall).

Pros: When you compare them to upright vacuums, canister models are easier to maneuver out of the closet and under the couch. It has a large handle, wheels, and a detachable tube, all features that make it easy to carry the 8.6-pound pet hair vacuum up and down stairs. The 20-foot cord and long extension wand mean you can clean all but the most massive of rooms without un- and re-plugging. There’s a full complement of tools that are stored onboard so they’re always at hand.

Cons: We’re not crazy about bagged models, as they don’t seem to have many benefits and mean you’ll have an extra recurring expense for the life of the vacuum.

We weren't going to leave traditional uprights completely off of our list. The Apex has a slew of great features, from dual brushrolls to clean deep to a detachable cannister for more flexible cleaning.

Pros: Pet owners will appreciate how the brushroll is designed to be self-cleaning, so longer hairs won’t wrap around it and diminish the cleaning power of the vacuum. They’ll also like the HEPA filter that addresses the other environmental annoyance of having a pet: dander.

Cons: Though it comes with “Noise Reduction Technology,” many reviewers said this thing is still plenty loud, so expect the pets you’re cleaning up after to freak out when you flip it on.

Pros: Full swivel steering make this vacuum a lot easier to handle than older uprights. The canister lifts off of the vacuum easily, but not just for emptying. You can take it, along with a tube and an attachment (we recommend the pet power brush), and use it to clean stairs, crown molding, furniture, and anything else that isn’t your floors.

Cons: You’ll have to wash the filters every three months, and if you forget (which, let’s be honest, seems likely) you can lose suction and allergen protection.

Designed specifically for hardwood floors, this stick pet hair vacuum has a unique V-shaped foot that funnels large debris to the center. Brushes on the edges sweep up dirt, and rubber-like material on the bottom of the foot attracts any hair Fido left behind.

Pros: The 20-foot cord is convenient, and the lightweight construction is convenient. The V-shaped foot, in addition to funneling pet hair into the maw of the pet hair vacuum, also makes it easy to get into edges and corners around, say, the bottom of the oven.

Cons: Obviously, if you want to clean any non-hard surface (carpet, furniture, etc.) this thing won’t do the trick. It also doesn’t convert to a handheld vacuum.

Pet hair isn't the only way pet scan wreck your otherwise clean house. There's also their...accidents. Luckily, this Bissell vauum and carpet cleaner can handle both issues, leaving your floor stain- and hair-free.

Pros: This vacuum tackles stains with cleaning solutions that eliminate urine and control odor-causing bacteria. It has a detachable hose for cleaning furniture that comes with specialized attachments to pick up pet hair.

Cons: You can’t use the carpet cleaning functions with the handheld attachments, so if your pet has an accident on the sofa this tool won’t do the trick like it would on a carpet.

This is a must-have for any pet owner, because it lets you be the master of your own domain. The sucking power on this thing is fierce, and you can attack every single nook and cranny in your home to make it fur- and dust-free.

Pros: This pet hair vacuum beast changes to a handheld vacuum cleaner and back again, in just one click. It has a run time of up to an hour between charges. It has three power modes and comes with a combination tool, crevice tool, mini soft dusting brush, and a mini-motorized tool. Meaning, you can vacuum under your bed, behind the fridge, and everywhere else, including the dust-covered ceiling fan.

Cons: The price is not easy on the wallet, but its longevity and its many attachments make it worth it.

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