Traveling With a Young Kid This Holiday? Here’s the Gear Experienced Dads Think You Need

We asked dads: "What's one piece of travel gear you won't leave home without?"

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Travel gear is a double-edged sword. On one hand,  it’s designed to make vacations easier and trips more comfortable. Especially when you’re toting kids. On the other, every extra item packed into your bag or car needs to be lugged around for the whole trip. Or, at least until it’s forgotten in the hotel room or restaurant.

That’s why every this-will-make-the-trip-a-cinch travel accessory ⏤ be it a foldable stroller, a pair of headphones, or a portable airplane toddler bed ⏤ has to be worth its weight in utility. It’s got to work, and it’s got to work better than not bringing it. And the only way to ensure it does is to ask folks who’ve already traveled with it. In this case, real dads.

We asked a group of nine battle-tested fathers which products made traveling with their kids easier. Maybe not a total breeze, but at least easier. Their choices were inspired, including everything from a mechanical white noise machine (no batteries) to an airplane hook that keeps tiny beverages away from tinier hands. Here are the essential travel products that our dads wouldn’t board a plane or pull out of the driveway without.

Potette Plus 2-in-1

“Small butts can’t fit on adult toilet seats, which makes it tricky to potty train on the road. When our kids were first learning, we brought this portable seat with us on vacation. Not only did help keep them from falling into some disgusting gas station bathrooms, but it also has legs so it can be used as a potty chair. Honestly, our kids are three and four, and we still bring it with us.”
—Chris, father of two, San Francisco, CA

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Belkin Rockstar 5-Jack Headphone Splitter

“One: Yes, I let my kids watch cartoons when we’re on the road. Come at me. Two: While I love the transfixing effect it has on my kids, I don’t want to hear Paw Patrol for the hundredth time; nor do I want to let only one kid watch the iPad because there’s only one headphone jack. That leads to a lot of arguments. This splitter can connect up to five pairs of headphones, so both kids can listen. And when they fall asleep on the plane, my wife and I can listen to downloaded movies or shows. It doesn’t prevent them from fighting over who can hold the screen, but it does help.”
—Kenny, father of two, Tempe, AZ

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ALEX Toys Artist Studio Car Valet

“If my kids can draw, they’re pretty happy in the car or on a plane. We’ve been using this traveling kit for the past few years. It’s basically a tiny lunch bag that has designated pockets for crayons, markers, and other art supplies. It attaches to a seatback and folds out, diaper-bag style, to provide a pretty sturdy writing surface. It’s good for both staying organized and keeping them entertained.”
—Louis, father of three, Houston, TX

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Koo-di Pop-Up Travel Bassinet

“This travel bassinet from Koo-di has been a life saver. It’s light, sturdy, and easy to fold. Once stuck on a layover, I set it up in the gate area and my daughter slept comfortably. Also, if you’ve ever seen the movie Congo, it reminds me of those sweet pop-up tents that never took off? Never mind. This thing’s great.”
—Jonah, father of one, Lansing, MI

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Chicco Keyfit Stroller

“When our daughter was still an infant we wouldn’t leave home on a car or plane trip without her Chicco Keyfit drop-in stroller. Not only was it compact  a huge space-saver  but it was also super easy to maneuver and had a solid amount of storage underneath. Plus, we could just gate-check it without having to lug our SUV of a jogging stroller on vacation.”
⏤Craig, father of one, Melrose, MA

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Dohm Sound Machine

“Easy, a white noise machine. The Dohm Sound Machine to be specific. In addition to helping create consistency for our kids when they sleep while we travel, the Dohm is mechanical, so it’s not synthetic white noise being played through speakers. It also has a cord that you plug into an outlet, so I don’t have to worry about the batteries dying. It’s perfectly reliable “old school” tech that’s lightweight with a small footprint ⏤ what more can you ask for when traveling?”
⏤Marcus, 37, father of two, Scottdale, GA

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The Airhook

“We take at least one cross-country trip per year, and with or without kids, The Airhook has been a godsend. Hooking onto the seatback in front of you, it gets drinks out of easy-spilling range, and puts our iPads at eye-level, out of reach from fidgeting fingers. That way the little ones can watch their movies without being tempted to press the home button.”
⏤John, 39, father of two, Boston, MA

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Gathre Leather Changing Mat

“We just traveled from New Hampshire to the Outer Banks, NC, by car with five-month-old twin boys. We brought along a Gathre leather changing mat to lay them down on at our numerous pit stops. It provided easy clean up when copious amounts of bodily fluids landed on it, and we even used it at the beach and poolside. It was a life saver.”
⏤Mark, father of twin boys, Rochester, NH

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WarmHome Linen Storage Bin

“We always have a cloth bin on the floor of the passenger seat that’s refilled at the beginning of each car trip with an assortment of toys, books, and snacks. It’s a simple but essential item that makes entertaining our two-year old convenient. It also helps keep our car relatively clean by giving us a place to gather and store the plethora of loose toys and books at the end of a trip.
⏤Tommy, 28, father of one, Granby MA

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