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Today’s Best Sales: Braun’s Best Electric Razor, Lego Sports Cars, and a High-End Safe

Keep your face smooth, your valuables safe, and your kids entertained with today's best sales.

Every day, the Internet is teeming with deals, sales, discounts, and savings. But, as the Internet is a big, distracting place, said deals can be difficult to find. Plus, you don’t have time to sniff ’em all out. You have work and kids and a total of 25 minutes of free time that shouldn’t be spent looking for discounts. So, to help you out, we’ll be combing through the daily offerings and rounding up the deals we like, and think you might find useful. Today, we found deals on a sleek Braun shaver, Lego versions of Ferraris and Mustangs, a big box of Hot Wheels, and a safe that will outlast the elements.

Braun Series 9 9290cc

Treat your face to smooth, easy shave with this electric shaver from Braun. It’s waterproof and rechargeable for starter, and there’s a bunch of tech designed to give you a close shave. Check the numbers: five shaving elements, two specialized trimmers, a 10-direction flexible head, and 10,000 microvibrations come together to get more hair in fewer strokes. And once you’re done shaving, just pop the shaver into the base for a hygienic, alcohol-based bath and automatic lubrication. This thing is about as far from disposable plastic razors as you can get, and it’s $75 off today at Walmart, and that’s before you mail in the included rebate, which will drop the total price under $200, a fantastic deal on a top of the line shaver.

Buy Now $250

Lego Speed Champions

A few sets from this line of buildable sports cars — think Ferrari, McLaren, Bugatti — are on sale today at Walmart. They’re all cool, and you’ll probably want to pick up the version of the car you like most in real life, but we’re fans of this two-pack of Porsche 911s. In addition to the cars, which are 5-6 inches long, this set comes with 3 minifigures, a lap counter, a pit wall with race position board, and a checkered flag. You can get racing for just $24 today, a 20 percent discount off the list price.

Buy Now $24

Hot Wheels Track Builder Ultimate Stunt Box

Like a miniature car version of those Lego Creator boxes, this treasure chest of Hot Wheels cars and 11 feet of track along with the curve, loop, launchers, connectors, and pivot points to build elaborate set-ups for their Hot Wheels cars. Six stunt builds are suggested on the package, but the idea here is that kids who love Hot Wheels can get creative and design their own. Save $20 when you grab this 250-piece set on Jet today.

Buy Now $80

SentrySafe Fireproof and Waterproof Safe with Digital Keypad

Don’t leave your kids’ birth certificates, family jewels, and wads of cash unprotected. This safe comes with a digital keypad with programmable code. It’s also fireproof and waterproof, so your stuff will be protected from the elements. You’ll have 95 extra dollars to help fill the 1.23 cubic feet of interior space when you pick one up at Walmart today.

Buy Now $130