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The Best Produce Delivery Services for Healthy Homebodies

Bring the farmer's market to you.

If you don’t have a farmers’ market nearby, or simply don’t want to be around crowds while picking out apples and kale bunches, consider the magic of produce delivery services. Like meat delivery services, the best produce delivery services act as your personal farm-to-table concierge, delivering ripe, juicy, in-season fruits and vegetables right to your front door.

Unlike that other service that’s helping you get through lockdown — your monthly wine delivery — this subscription is good for everyone in the family: You get the joy of unboxing something (which kids love), coupled with the gratification that you’re eating healthier, while also helping out farmers, many of whom are struggling right now. Several of these services offer organic produce straight from the farm, so in addition to not having to mask up to buy veggies, you’ll end up with better-quality and more flavorful produce than you would get at the store. 

The Best Produce Home Delivery Services

For enough fruits and veggies to satisfy the entire fam, check out this service, which sells both organic and non-organic boxes in three sizes. Options include a mixed menu, fruit only, or veggies only, so you can cater to everyone's palates. Hate beets or grapefruit? No prob. You can make up to five substitutions per box. The produce comes largely from local farms and prices range from $48 to $69. The company has free shipping to more than 24,000 zip codes and charges a small shipping fee to all other areas.

For a seriously big produce delivery that ensures that everyone in the family gets their daily recommended servings of fruits and veggies, check out Raw Generation. With 25 pounds of produce per box, this delivery service is ideal for people looking for volume over variety. The service is perfect for those who like to cook, as you’re given enough of each item to make your latest creation, whether it’s a quiche or an apple pie. Opt for a combination box, fruit only, or veggies only. There's free delivery to a handful of states, and the cost of shipping to other states is calculated at checkout.

If you love farm-fresh peaches, plums, and nectarines, this is the subscription service for you. The price tag, while steep, includes three gorgeous deliveries over a three-month period from Frog Hollow Farm in Brentwood, California. Each delivery is three pounds' worth of two to three types of fruit — whatever is ripest at the time. If you don’t love peaches, don’t fret: the fall and winter boxes include pears, apples, and pomegranates. There's an $11 shipping fee.

This subscription from The Fruit Company is for those who love a little luxury and appreciate truly succulent, juicy fruits like D'Anjou pears or Rainier cherries. Sign up for three, six, or twelve months of deliveries, with anywhere from four to thirty pieces of organic fruit per box. Each month centers on a different fruit, with July 2020 focused on cherries, August 2020 on peaches, and September 2020 on nectarines. The steep price tag on this subscription makes it a good gift for that one family member who’s impossible to buy for. The company ships nationwide, for free, with some state-specific restrictions. A classic subscription runs you $429 for 12 months.

This high-end delivery service from Harry & David features veggies only, so stop reading if you or your kiddos hate eating green. As the name implies, each month loads you up on a different veggie: July you’ll get avocados, while August ushers in sugar snap peas and September includes squash. Prices range from $120 to $425, based on frequency. The company ships nationwide.

You know those slightly wonky apples that aren't pristine enough for your grocery store, but taste just as good? That's what you get in this box. You choose a regular box or organic box, pick whatever size works for your family, and each week, customize it. You can select the fruits and veggies you want, along with grains, protein, dairy, and snacks. The company ships nationwide and delivery is $6. Because of COVID-19-related demand, there's occasionally a waitlist.

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