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The Best Personalized Father’s Day Gifts For Every Kind of Dad

For foodies, athletes, and music lovers.

Listen, we can all tell ourselves that when it comes to the best Father’s Day gifts, it’s the thought that counts. But that’s not exactly true. A gift reflects how well you know the recipient, and how much effort you put into finding something that really, truly reflects who he is. And there’s nothing more personal than, well, personalized gifts. They indicate that you know dad. You see dad. And you put in the time to get him something that speaks to him and only to him. These are the best personalized Father’s Day gifts.

This versatile knife is sharp as hell. And it looks as sharp as hell, when you add his name or initials or favorite phrase to it. You get up to 25 characters. The knife itself is crafted from nitrogen-treated X50CrMoV15 stainless steel, and fully forged, for years of use.

VSSL makes the coolest, and most practical, outdoor gear, period. Now, you can customize a VSSL cylinder for dad, by choosing between three cylinder sizes, nine colors, 22 end cap variations, and 34 content options. You select the size, color, top (compass), bottom (lantern), and tins, be it first aid, a candle, or a rope and razor blade, among many other options. Geared specifically to his outdoor needs.

Ultra lightweight and ultra durable, this flask is a combo of two six-shooter tumblers and a 750ml vacuum insulated flask, which is big enough to fit an entire fifth of his favorite spirit or a full bottle of wine. Add a photo, a favorite quote, his name, your name, what have you. He'll toast you every time he uses the thing.

You can get all manner of custom cases here, but we're partial to the one for his laptop because when those break ... suffice to say, it sucks. Choose from an assortment of bold color palettes and fonts, and apply his name, initials or favorite saying.

You choose the size, the fabric color, the page count, and the book jacket. And he gets a professional-looking photo book commemorating his extended family, or that epic hiking expedition, or your wedding. Or all the above. And unlike other janky photo books, this one looks like it came from a premium publisher. We love the fabric binding and the minimalist layouts.

So dad is an audiophile? We hear you. Give him a powerhouse speaker that's entirely his own, by choosing the base, adding an image, choosing a color, and even including stickers. The speaker itself gives him 20 hours of playtime and charges his device via a USB port. Oh and it's waterproof.

On its own, this leather card holder is the epitome of flawless simplicity. It's made from the brand's signature crossgrain leather and has five card pockets. But to add that extra something, choose your text, your font, your color, and your motif. And now, it's an original.

Not only is this one hell of an apron, used by chef and home cooks alike. It's medium-weight, made from cotton, and has four pockets: Two at the lap and two at the neck. Choose from 22 colors and patterns, and make it personal. You choose color, font, and message (up to 15 characters).

Not every pillow is created equal. And there's no one size fits all. Enter Pluto. Each pillow is customized to his body stats, how he sleeps, and the level of cushioning he prefers. Pluto's pillows are breathable, temperature-regulating, and bouncy, and are made with a foam inner core and an outer plush pillow cover.

He gets 20 pages plus, going up to the year 2000, featuring New York Times front pages from each year since his birth. What a great way to mark the passing of time.

For the dad who's an olive oil connoisseur: Instead of a cheesy bottle with his initials on it, get him the ultimate kit to make personalized olive oil. He can infuse 16 ounces of olive oil or butter at the touch of a button by adding fruits, herbs, and whatever else he wants. And it has precise time and temperature controls.

Add his initials to this functional and elegant case for his AirPod Pros; it protects them while he charges them. The case is made from Italian pebble-grain leather.

Every dad has his own hair needs. Maybe his hair is thinning. Maybe it's so curly he can't tame it. Maybe it's greasy by mid-afternoon. Regardless, Prose asks a series of questions to get a handle on his unique needs, goals, lifestyle, and daily environment. And then he gets his own recommended, customized routine. As for ingredients, clean beauty has no meaning and isn't regulated. But Prose, to its credit, has an exhaustive list of ingredients so you know exactly what you're using.

A great carry-on with a hidden water-resistant laundry bag and two zippers that slot into a combination lock, this is the one you want to get him for when you start to travel again. And you can personalize it with up to three letters, using a unique color combo.

Screens are ubiquitous but nothing beats pen and paper. He can jot down his hopes, dreams, and fitness goals in this 6 inch by 8.5 inch journal, which fits right in his back pocket. It has 96 leaves (192 sides) of smooth lined paper. And you choose whether you want the softcover or hardcover option.

You can monogram this sleek laptop case with up to eight letters. It's made from Italian leather that's sourced from a women-owned factory in Turkey, and has a neoprene padded lining and snap button closure. It fits 16 inch laptops.

One positive thing to come out of the pandemic: The popularity of cycling, which is both great for the planet and great for the waistline. And we dig these bikes because you can customize them to dad's measurements. Using the brand's body fit tool, you can fully customize his bike based on height, weight, age, and riding style. As for sixthreezero, it specializes in cruiser bikes and has been in business since 2005, based out of Torrance, California.

His first concert. Your wedding song. The tune he plinks out on the guitar at home. Commemorate a meaningful song with this upcycled vinyl LP finished in a gold tone and suspended between two pieces of glass in a floating frame.

Forgot those tired cards you grabbed at CVS. This is next level. Each card is personalized with a custom-made video with messages from friends and family that plays on a loop. It's the ultimate home movie. You just use the platform to record video messages, request submissions from friends and family, insert photos, add music, and the service creates a message tailored to your (or his) tastes.

So he can't keep track of the car keys? Help him out with this dandy little leather key chain, with a dramatic tassel and a hang tag that can be personalized with his initials.

This handsome pebble grain leather single-device wireless charging and accessory tray lets him keep everything organized and powered up. Add a monogram to make it truly personal.

This set of four hand-cut, custom-etched glasses is perfect for the whiskey or bourbon lover. Each glass features a personalized, hand-etched three-letter monogram.

Does his face need some TLC? Just take the quiz, figure out his skin goals, and the brand will design a specialized regimen just for him. And he'll end up with a complete set of four products that requires just minutes a day to apply. The products are effective and unfussy, something he'll appreciate.

Yeti makes the best damn water bottles, full stop. They are indestructible and they keep drinks cold. Very cold. Pick out a color he'll love, and add a monogram, a name, or a design that means something to him.

So he loves manning the grill? He'll love it even more when he can brand steaks, burgers, and chops with this three-letter iron. This one is tough and made out of carbon steel.

This 16.5 liter insulated bag is a classic for a reason: It's hardy, durable, and timeless. It's great for camping, park outings, or picnic; and it's even better monogrammed with his name. It has a TPU-coated cotton canvas exterior.

For the dad who still shoots hoops: This basketball shoe is the ultimate form of expression. You customize the base, the tongue, the Nike swoosh, and the heel overlay.

There's nothing personal than a memory. And this services means memories are forever. He just packs up his home movies and pictures, and gets everything back on a thumb drive, the cloud, or labeled DVDs. So every single time he wants to relive his middle school talent show performance, it's right there.

Look, when it comes to music or calls, he doesn't want earbuds with his initials on them. He wants earbuds that fit. And that don't skimp on clarity. These insanely cool earbuds mold to his ears. How? He downloads the app and it guides him through the process; the gel-filled earbuds tips mold to the contours of his ear in less than a minute. He'll thank you. Over and over again.

So of course the format is somewhat generic, but you personalize these notes by filling in the blanks. Perhaps you're presenting official evidence that he left the toilet seat up. Or giving him a notice of appreciation for cleaning the entire house. Say what you want, with a good dose of humor.

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