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The Best Personalized Father’s Day Gifts For Every Kind of Dad

Including personalized whiskey barrels, bears that play your baby's heartbeat, and customized cologne.

We’re all familiar with the classic assemblage of overplayed Father’s Day gifts. You have the stereotypical patterned tie; a coffee mug with “#1 Dad” emblazoned across the front; and maybe a new golf club or power tool if you’re into that sort of thing.

Of course, kids are the greatest gift of all, and at the end of the day, it’s really the thought that counts — not what’s concealed beneath the wrapping paper. But why not shake things up a bit and deviate from the usual suspects? We’ve compiled some of our favorite customized gift ideas that are unique and personalized and sure to impress any dad and serve as a truly thoughtful token of appreciation.

GeoJango Maps

Whether dad bounces around the world for work or simply can’t ignore his persistent sense of wanderlust, these personalized push pin maps from GeoJango will make sure he never loses track of his travels. Simply select a map from their extensive range (including the USA, the world, and even baseball stadiums), customize the design, and have it shipped to your front door. In addition to the tasteful aesthetic, each map also includes information about historical events, ancient civilizations, and significant landmarks to bring help bring the different destinations to life.

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Original Ocean Resin Art

Calling all beach bums. Meghan Surette, owner of La Marée on Etsy, creates one-of-a-kind resin art pieces that flawlessly mimic the ocean’s mesmerizing allure. Any surfer, diver, deep sea fisherman, or casual beach-goer will be sure to appreciate the lifelike designs. Her inventory ranges from wooden bowls and wall art to ornate cutting boards and serving trays for the dad who loves to entertain. She even takes commissions for completely custom projects. Needless to say, these masterpieces are sure to make some waves this Father’s Day.

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Don’t let the name fool you;  we’re not recommending an old-school portable cassette player as the ultimate throwback Father’s Day present. Boombox is actually a keepsake memory vessel filled with custom-designed and printed personalized messages and photographs. Each lacquer and bone inlay box creates a special experience that connects the recipient to their unique life story, told by those who they have touched along the way. Created by Christina Geist (brand strategist, children’s book author, and wife of Today Show host Willie Geist), these expertly crafted boxes strike the perfect balance between sentimental and sincere.

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Wacom Intuos

Is dad the next Dalí? Help him unleash his creative side with the Wacom Intuos graphics drawing tablet. Equipped with drawing, painting, and image editing software, it’s a multi-faceted workhorse that’s suited for digital art beginners and accomplished enthusiasts alike. Compact and lightweight, the device is compatible with both Mac and PC, and set-up is a breeze. It’s also convenient to use whether dad is right- or left-handed. Perfect for any computer savvy, gadget-loving guy, this one is sure to keep dad busy for hours on end as he creates his very own custom masterpieces.

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Bombfell is a subscription service that helps men keep their wardrobes feeling fresh and relevant while sharing style tips and tricks along the way. Using a unique “human-in-the-loop” artificial intelligence model, Bombfell curates customized looks with the help of real stylists who handpick items for each customer. After each shipment arrives, users can simply keep and pay for the things he loves and send back whatever didn’t work.

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Swatch x You

When it comes to crafting some seriously impressive timepieces, nobody does it better than the Swiss. Swatch is one of the most well-known and accessible watermakers from Switzerland, and the iconic brand just launched the new Swatch x You campaign in the U.S. People all over the country can now create their own one-of-a-kind watch that perfectly suits their personality. A dedicated Swatch configurator will help guide the design process from choosing colors to selecting inner gear mechanisms. For a special touch, a short message can be written on the back for complete customization.

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Monogrammed Leather Storage Valet

Speaking of watches, a monogrammed storage valet is a practical present for any man who needs a little organization in his life. In addition to storing his watch collection, these sleek, leather boxes from provide a tidy place to hold dad’s cufflinks, loose change, tie clips, and any other miscellaneous valuables. Engrave his initials on the glass top to add a polished look that he’ll be sure to appreciate. As an added bonus, he’ll never again have to worry about misplacing his car keys.

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Topshelf Barrels

For the man who appreciates the occasional dram after a long day’s work, look no further than Topshelf Barrels. The company sells miniature oak barrel kits that dad can use to make his very own whiskey or even experiment with barrel-aged cocktails. The site allows you to choose from an impressive range of whiskey varieties, such as Canadian Rye, Kentucky Bourbon, Irish Whisky, and more. Plus, each order includes the option to add custom laser engraving. We’ll raise a glass to that.

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My Baby’s Heartbeat Bears

It’s never easy for fathers to be far away from their children. Military dads and business men who are constantly on the go know this better than anyone. But this sentimental gift idea helps make it a tiny bit easier. With My Baby’s Heartbeat Bears, parents can capture a 20-second clip their little one’s heartbeat and embed the recording into a custom-created stuffed animal. Their collection includes all sorts of critters, including classic teddy bears, elephants, unicorns, puppies, and more. Trust us when we say this one certainly knows how to tug at the heartstrings.

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Hawthorne Scents

Allow dad to kick his grooming game up a notch with the help of Hawthorne. The SoHo-based company was founded by two 29-year-olds with a background in fashion and streetwear (so you know every product has been vetted and is certifiably cool). Another subscription service, Hawthorne lets dad answer a few simple questions about his skin type and grooming regimen, then compiles a tailored selection of luxury products along with an explanation on why each was picked specifically for him. Expect goods from top brands like Tom Ford and Malin & Goetz. After all, when dad looks his best, he feels his best.

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If one of dad’s many hobbies happens to include photography, then it’s definitely worth checking out these American-made camera straps from FOTO. Each fotostrap is made from vegetable-tanned genuine leather and features brass hardware to reinforce the impressive quality. Every order can be customized by adding text, a monogram, life motto, or even a business logo. Some of their more popular models for men include the James, Graphite, and Travis. Plus, 10 percent of each sale directly benefits Fotolanthropy, a nonprofit that documents the stories of individuals and families who have modeled extreme resilience.

Buy Now $85

Superdad Storybook

Forget about Batman, The Hulk, and Captain America—everyone knows dad is the greatest superhero of all time. Might as well make it official with his very own book. The Super Dad! Personalized Storybook from I See Me can be completely customized using any father’s name and face. Or, skip the photo entirely and opt to customize the illustration by indicating details like skin tone, hair color, glasses, and more. Don’t be surprised if dad isn’t able to put down this 20-page epic adventure.

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Star Chart Wall Art

Show dad just how appreciated he is with this truly unique gift from Our Love Was Born. Whether he’s a dad to one kid or a handful, each custom design depicts exactly what the sky’s constellations looked like on the night he became a father. Simply plug in each child’s birthday and the location for an accurate representation. You can choose one of shop’s existing templates or build one from scratch. Colors, quotes and sizes can also be customized exactly to dad’s liking. This one is sure to have dad thanking his lucky stars.

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Lovepop Card

Whether you have a way with words or not, these creative cards from Lovepop will make a powerful statement come Father’s Day. Known for their 3D pop-up designs, the brand started making headlines after an appearance on ABC’s hit TV show Shark Tank. With cards catered for virtually any occasion, their Father’s Day collection includes eye-popping options for every type of dad, including golfers, gamers, nature-lovers, music fanatics, and more. Just choose your favorite and customize a personalized message to make dad’s day extra special—perfect for the man who already has it all.

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