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The Best Peloton Alternatives Offer the Same Workouts for Less

You, too, can join the Peloton workout cult — without breaking the bank.

Months of social isolation and stay-at-home monotony have pushed us to cope in new ways and to invest in new things: Nintendo Switch. Sourdough bread. Fostered dogs. Puzzles. Thankfully, our healthier new habits have been made all the easier by companies like Peloton, a portable spin bike and a connected digital app that offers intensive cardio classes from real-life instructors. Ready to join the cult of Peloton, but put off by the hefty price tag, which starts at $1,895? The good news is that you can buy the Peloton workouts for $12.99 a month, and do them on a much cheaper exercise bike. Less glamour, same benefits. The best Peloton alternatives include the features that made Peloton so popular in the first place: LCD tablets, or at least a place to attach your own, in order to easily stream classes, high-resistance wheels for a sweaty workout, and highly customizable options that prioritize comfort. And they’re all under $1,300.

The Best Peloton-Alternative Workout Bikes 2021

While the C6 doesn't come with its own attached screen, it's perfect for anyone who already has a large tablet, which can be safely placed on a durable holder at the top of the bike to stream spinning classes online. It does, however, come with a smaller backlit LCD metric console and a bluetooth-enabled heart rate armband monitor. At the end of the day, you can get a Peloton workout in with the C6 due to the magnetic resistance on its wheels (it comes with 100 micro-adjustable resistance levels) and toe cages on the pedals that ensure you don't lose balance while riding. You can pay for it in full or pay in installments, at $56 per month.

Considering its large interactive touchscreen tablet, which offers professional coaches via the MYX exercise app, this spin bike is a bargain. At least considering the fact that it offers almost all the same benefits as the Peloton, minus the hefty price tag and the viral craze. But if you want to get crafty: it's probably a smart move to swap out the The MYX membership ($29 a month) with the the Peloton digital membership ($12.99 month) to do authentic Peloton workouts on the cheaper bike. Win-win.

The highly customizable Echelon is an affordable way to get a sweaty workout in from home. It features 6-inch levers that allow for easy-to-adjust seating, aero handlebars to hold onto for stability, and indexing resistance knobs that lets you modify the flywheel's tension level up to 32 different settings. Just like MYX, you'll get the best deal if you swap out the Echelon membership with the Peloton membership, since its functionality works for a variety of spin-heavy training options.

This cycling bike is specifically designed to work with the Peloton app, allowing you to stream any of the company's classes, live or not, from its full color backlit LCD display. If you don't have a Peloton membership though, you can stream any of your favorite workout videos, including its connected Explore the World app, which features virtual races, exotic locales, and immersive trails so it actually feels like you're out of the house. It also comes with 3 lb. dumbbells that can be stored in two flanking cradles.

This bike is an absolute steal considering the high technology that comes with it. It includes a 7-inch HD color touchscreen tablet, an auxiliary music port, and two bluetooth speakers to make your workouts as entertaining as possible. Perhaps the best part of the Nordic Track is its accessibility. Its oversize cushion seat, extra-wide ergonomic foot pedals, and an attached workout fan make it easy to use for people of all ages and exercise abilities.

The SB700 doesn't come with all the bells and whistles but its its durability and wireless technology offer enough convenience for those that aren't looking to bring a literal Soul Cycle class into their living room. An LCD display shows real-time information including time, distance, kCal, and heart rate, a dial allows for smooth resistance adjustment, and a highly-adjustable seat and pedals prioritize comfort for riders.