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The Best Tech For Parents From This CES 2018

Including a gamified smart toothbrush that tricks your kids into brushing.

Every January, thousands of companies from around the globe descend on Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show, where they unveil their coolest new gadgets and gizmos. And popular to contrary belief, they aren’t all robots. Nope. In fact, a lot of the hot new products showcased are often designed for babies and kids, with the explicit goal of making parents lives easier. This year was no different. Which is why we paid careful attention and rounded up some of the best new toys and parenting tech set to hit stores in the coming months. From sleep trainers to smart baby monitors to a toothbrush that tricks your kid into brushing, here are five to keep an eye out for in 2018.

Kolibree Magik Smart Toothbrush

Kolibree Magik Smart Toothbrush -- ces 2018

Bringing the power of Pokémon to dental hygiene, this French smart toothbrush uses computer vision and an augmented reality game to get kids to brush their chompers. A sensor in the brush detects where it’s positioned in the mouth ⏤ in order to coach kids on proper technique ⏤ and the Go Pirate! game takes them on an adventure where they collect coins and hunt for treasure as they brush. Parents can also get reports detailing both how much and how well their kid is doing.

Buy Now $30


Starling -- ces 2018

The more you talk to your baby, the more they’re likely to talk. That’s the thinking behind Starling, a small “early education” wearable that clips onto your child’s clothes and counts (without recording) how many words they hear during the day. Everything feeds to a smartphone app where you can set daily word goals, complete challenges, and receive notifications reminding you to talk more, dammit.

Buy Now $150

Project Nursery Smart Baby Monitor System with Alexa

Project Nursery Smart Baby Monitor System with Alexa -- ces 2018

Billed as the first baby monitor with Alexa, this HD smart system from Project Nursery connects to a phone or tablet and boasts all your standard features ⏤ night vision, two-way audio, and a camera with pan/tilt/zoom. Unlike other high-end monitors, however, you can tell it what to do: “Play a lullaby,” “turn on some white noise,” “record a video of my precious baby sleeping.” It comes loaded with 70 baby-focused skills ⏤ all you have to do is ask. If you already have an Amazon speaker, you can buy the camera separately for $149, and it’ll also pair with PN’s $69 Smart Sound Soother due out in April.

Buy Now $150

Hyko Smart Lamp

Hyko Smart Lamp -- ces 2018

At first glance, Hyko is a glowing Polar Bear lamp/sleep trainer that kids can take to bed like a stuffed animal. Shake him and he wakes up. Touch his head and he changes color. He syncs to a smartphone app via Bluetooth where parents can program the colors (red means bedtime, blue means get up), change the brightness, or set timers. The rechargeable battery can go five days in “night mode.” That’s not all though. Turns out, this Dutch bear is actually on a secret mission: to teach kids about smart energy use and climate change. In addition to interactive stories about energy consumption, they can also play games in the app designed to get them to turn the damn lights off when they leave the room.

Buy Now $142

Bluesmart Mia Smart Feeding System

Bluesmart Mia Smart Feeding System -- ces 2018

Is the milk too hot? How long has that bottle been out? Wait, when did we last feed the baby? All questions parents have with a new kid. And all questions this wifi-enabled silicone bottle sleeve answers, plus more. Simply slide it on the bottom of the bottle (it fits most standard glass and plastic ones) and pair it to the app. From there, you’ll get temperature readings, proper feeding angles (to prevent gas), and reminders that it’s time for the baby to eat. It even has a built-in microphone so you can tell it exactly how much milk Junior took down at each feeding.

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