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8 Golf Accessories to Give You a Fighting Chance on the Course This Season

Eight accessories to help you hone your game, manage your way around the course, and just have little more fun while you're out there.

The warm weather is in full swing and hopefully so is your golf game. Whether you’re still shaking off rust or have already set your career low round, there’s always room for improvement. Here are eight accessories to help you hone your game, manage your way around the course, and just have little more fun while you’re out there. 

Arccos Performance Tracker and Caddie

If you’re a golfer who wants to get better, knowing your game’s strengths and weaknesses is crucial. Arccos tracks every shot during a round — sensors attached to each club trigger a GPS powered app — helping to develop an accurate picture of your game. The app also features a ‘caddie’ function that helps players chose shot and clubs based on those metrics, no tipping required. 

Buy Now $249

Bushnell Laser Range Finder

“Be right!” is the constant refrain of golfers who just made a solid strike but aren’t quite sure they judged the distance correctly. Bushnell’s Pro X-2 laser rangefinder takes the guesswork out of determining your yardage. It’s accurate to one and a half feet and will even calculate how far up or downhill you are from the pin to help you choose the right club for every shot.

Buy Now $450

Golf Pride Align Grips

The grip is where your body connects with the club and its crucial to get it right every time. Golf Pride Align Grips use a raised strip of rubber on the bottom of the grip to help players feel how the club is laying in their hands making a good grip easier to repeat.

Buy Now $11

Clicgear Push Cart

Walking 18 holes is great exercise and eminently more satisfying than riding in a cart but a heavy bag can be a bit rough on the back. For duffers who want to save those muscles a little strain, a push cart is a must. The Clicgear 3.5’s three-wheel design lets you maneuver the course with minimal effort, no matter how overloaded your bag.

Buy Now $220

Classic Jones Stand Bag

All golf bags are not created equal. At five pounds, the classic Jones stand bag is light-weight, has all the pockets you need for your gear and you can have it personalized with your name and an icon for free. It looks like a million bucks even though you won’t spend anywhere near that. 

Buy Now $204

Seamus Golf Score Card Holder

If you’re a player who likes to keep their score card in a back pocket, you need a wallet to keep it from getting a ragged before the end of the round. This skull and crossbones field book from Seamus Golf is tour worthy and so cool, we wish they made one for your cash and credit cards.  

Buy Now $95

Arnold Palmer Headcovers

Arnold Palmer effortless style and swagger helped make him hands down the coolest golfer to ever play the game. Stitch Golf celebrates the King and his iconic umbrella logo with a set of hand-made leather headcovers. The classic design is as timeless as the man who inspired it. Long live the King! 

Buy Now $240

The Grint App

For golfer who don’t belong to a club, keeping an official handicap can be a bit of a pain. The free Grint app makes the getting USGA compliant much more simple. Just use the app to select the club nearest you in good standing, enter the scores from five rounds (three from this year) and Voila! You’ve got a legit handicap. For $20 a year the app will also give you advanced statistics on your game, in case you’re keen on getting down to a single digit.

Buy Now $FREE

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