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The 11 Best Mother’s Day Gifts for Grandma

That's right, don't forget to buy your grandma something too.

Now that you’re a grownup, Mother’s Day means showing the mother of your children how much you appreciate her. But your mom’s still a mom, too, which means that Mother’s Day is also Grandmother’s Day (yes, there is also Grandparents’ Appreciation Day in September – they get to double dip!). This list includes goodies that will pamper and indulge grandma, and those that will enable her to do what she loves most now – spending more quality time with her grandkids.

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Fancy Alpaca Yarn For Crafting

For the knitting grandmother who may or may not make everybody sweaters for the holidays, the gift of soft, warm, and durable alpaca yarn will no doubt be appreciated.

Buy Now $11

A ‘Filmstruck’ Subscription

This $7-a-month, on-demand streaming service from Turner Classic Movies shows hundreds of Hollywood classics from yesteryear, not to mention current indy flicks and big-studio blockbusters.

Buy Now $7/month

A Charm Bracelet

Whether she goes by “Mom-mom,” “Nana,” “Gigi,” or just “Grams,” she’ll proudly display this adjustable silver charm bangle with up to four birthstones and a personalized name disc.

Buy Now $19

ArtMinds Tall Wood Birdhouse

The beauty of this simple $5 birdhouse in natural, unfinished wood is that it’s a blank canvas and fun DIY painting project she can do with the grandkids.

Buy Now $5

Floral Print Kimono

For the elegant grandma who’s always put together, this soft long-sleeve kimono is adorned with “lush flowers burst into bloom” and comes with a removable tie belt.

Buy Now $70

How to Babysit a Grandma

This instant classic and New York Times bestseller from author Jean Reagan is a super-fun (and funny) read for grandma and grandkids alike. Plus, with advice like “Push your grandma on the swing, but not too high. Remind her to pump her legs,” it’s educational as well.

Buy Now $9

Seashell Chocolates

For the grandma who enjoys both cocoa and long walks on the beach, these seashell-shaped Belgian chocolates have outer shells of dark, milk, and white chocolate with hazelnut ganache fillings.

Buy Now $6

Funny Grandma Tee

No, most grandmas aren’t doing CrossFit but for those who might ⏤ or at least for those with a sense of humor ⏤ this funny short-sleeve cotton tee features a woman pumping iron next to the slogan “Assuming I Was Like Most Grandmas Was Your First Mistake.”

Buy Now $27

Bamboo Bathtub Caddy

The only thing more indulgent than a good bubble bath is having a good book, a glass of wine, and your phone within arm’s reach. This tray has a wine glass holder and a frame to prop up a book or iPad, places to stash a phone, candle or washcloth, plus extendable sides and a non-slip rubber base to straddle any tub’s width to keep all of grandma’s goodies at her fingertips.

Buy Now $33

Bliss Softening Socks

These pampering socks use heat-released jojoba oil, olive oil and a bunch of other nourishing stuff to soothe dry or hardened skin. Perfect any time, but especially now that sandal season is close at hand.

Buy Now $40

Echo Spot

Amazon’s home assistant has all the now-standard voice-activated tools that grandma will appreciate, but what she’ll truly love is the hands-free video calls that will instantly connect her with the most important people in her life (hint: it’s not you and your siblings anymore, it’s your kids).

Buy Now $110