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10 Moms on the Best Mother’s Day Presents Ever

From movie passes and massages to board games and books, real mom's share their idea of the best mother's day gifts.

What’s the best gift a mom can get on Mother’s Day? Flowers? A framed picture? A plane ticket for one to an exotic tropical island? That’s the question we asked 10 moms of all ages and stages of motherhood in a quest to find the perfect Mom’s Day gift. For some, it was the best gift they’ve ever received ⏤ a cruise with their daughters. For others, it was something they could use now, movie passes or theater tickets and the time to enjoy them. One mom just wanted a damn phone call from her kids (note: don’t forget to call home). For all, the ideas were creative, or classic, or certain to be well-received by moms everywhere. So, what is the best gift a mom can get from her family, kids, or partner to celebrate this Day of Mom? Here’s what they suggest.

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An Inspiring New Book

Give Mom time to herself and the perfect book with which to enjoy it. Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear, by bestselling author Elizabeth Gilbert, is the book du jour for anyone craving a more creative life. Full of advice, optimism, honesty, and good writing, Gilbert sets forth an accessible and realistic path towards leading a more inspired life.
Why a Real Mom Thinks This Is The Best Mother’s Day Gift Ever: “All I ever want for Mother’s Day is a weekend morning by myself. Nice and slow . . . Nobody needing anything.” ⏤Amanda

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A Family Board Game

There are few better ways to build family tradition and lasting memories than playing board games together. And what better way for mom to escape real life on Mother’s Day than to play the classic Game of Life, in which every big decision is made by doing little more than spinning a dial.
Why A Real Mom Thinks This Is The Best Mother’s Day Gift Ever: “When I think of the best Mother’s Day, I just think of spending time together as a family. And board games are a big part of that.” ⏤Nicole

Buy Now $20

A Movie Gift Card

Whether by herself or with a group of friends, mom will appreciate the rare gift of sitting down in a quiet movie theater. And since she may be reluctant to go unless the tickets are already bought, a personalized gift certificate from a site like Fandango should do the trick.
Why a Real Mom Thinks This Is The Best Mother’s Day Gift Ever: “Instead of a forced brunch with Hallmark cards, I’d rather spend the day doing what I don’t get to do during the week, like going to the movies with my son.” ⏤Caroline

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An iPhone 8 RED

Okay, so mom really just wants a phone call from her kids. But hey, who wouldn’t want a new iPhone. And with every purchase of the special edition iPhone RED, Apple supports HIV/AIDS programs that provide treatment, testing, and medicine to prevent the transmission of HIV from a mother to unborn child. So far, they’ve raised over $160 million through the sale of their (RED) products, which also include a Stella McCartney purse and Swell water bottle specifically for Mother’s Day.
Why a Real Mom Thinks This Is The Best Mother’s Day Gift Ever: “A phone call! These days I just would like my kids to call me. A big ask, I know.” ⏤ Dot

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A Massage Package

A Mother’s Day gift card from Massage Envy, the national spa chain with over 1,188 locations, includes a free 60-minute facial. Plus, the massage can either be full body, focused on a specific sore spot, or designed for blissful stress reduction.
Why a Real Mom Thinks This Is The Best Mother’s Day Gift Ever: “I really would like a break. But short of that, a massage would be nice. If someone offered me a massage every day for the rest of my life, it would not be enough! ⏤Meghan

Buy Now $125

Framed Family Photos

Turning family photos into lasting art is a classic gift that never stops giving. And with, an easy-to-use online framing service, you don’t even have to find a Michael’s. Simply upload or mail in the picture/art, choose the frame and personalized mat, and wait two to five days for it to arrive at the door. Better still, prices start at around $40.
Why a Real Mom Thinks This Is The Best Mother’s Day Gift Ever: “One of the nicest things my husband did for me one year was getting our favorite family photos framed. Simple but they’re beautiful.” ⏤Meg

Buy Now $39

Theater Tickets

Not every family can get to Broadway but that doesn’t mean you can’t give musical-loving moms good theater. lets you buy tickets to over 240 shows currently on tour in hundreds of cities across North America, from A Bronx Tale in Schenectady to School of Rock in San Diego.
Why a Real Mom Thinks This Is The Best Mother’s Day Gift Ever: “I’d love a city trip for the four of us that includes sightseeing, dinner, and, of course, a musical. London, Amsterdam, NYC, any will do.” ⏤Carola

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Custom Name Earrings

These laser-cut Zinc Alloy earrings are nickel-free, resistant to tarnish, and available in gold, silver, and rose gold. You can also get them made in any name that’s not so long it won’t fit in her ear.
Why a Real Mom Thinks This Is The Best Mother’s Day Gift Ever: “They’re very Carrie Bradshaw meets Mommyhood.”⏤Sarah

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A Wardrobe Rental Subscription

The gift of a subscription to Rent The Runway guarantees mom many blissful mornings of not deciding what to wear when she opens her closet. The unlimited deal includes four clothing rentals at a time (from over 450 brands), the ability to swap any outfit whenever she wants, and includes dry cleaning and shipping.
Why a Real Mom Thinks This Is The Best Mother’s Day Gift Ever: “Because anything that involves me making fewer decisions in life is a win.” ⏤Jamie

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A Travel Gift Card

Planning a full-blown trip for Mother’s Day could be tough, but a travel card she can spend on the next family vacation is a fun way to build excitement. Whether it’s a personalized Mother’s Day digital card from Princess Cruises, one from, or the gift of learning Italian (from Fluent City) before a trip to Italy, she’ll get to enjoy both opening and using it.
Why A Real Mom Thinks This Is The Best Mother’s Day Gift Ever: “A trip together! Memories are the best gifts! I’ve taken a cruise every year with my girls and my mom ⏤ originally it was around Mother’s Day ⏤ for the last eight or nine years.” ⏤Jennifer

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