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The Best Subscription Boxes For Men Under $50

Because it's nice to have a package arrive on your doorstep that's not filled with pet food and baby wipes.

In our Amazon Prime’d world, it’s easy to get anything delivered right to us. Need more wipes? More binkies? One-hundred Lego heads with goatees? Fill your cart and click the button. But sometimes it’s still nice to receive a box that you don’t have to fill yourself, one that just shows up and contains a little bit of mystery. That’s the promise of the very popular subscription box trend: choose a box that fits your interests (food, comics) or needs (underwear, grooming supplies) pay a flat rate, and every month something new arrives at your doorstep. The problem, of course, is there are more subscription boxes than there are soon-to-be parents who want to name their kids “Harper” or “Paige”.  So, to help you make the best choice, we whittled down the list to our favorites within a reasonable price range. Here, then, are our seven favorite subscription boxes for men under $50.

Best All-Around Subscription Box For Men: Bespoke Post

Every month Bespoke Post releases a set of boxes built around a theme—bar, beach, bath, or weekend escape were a recent few, to ship to you based on your preferences. You get to peruse them online before they ship it to you and choose the one that suits you best, or skip that month entirely.

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Best Style Subscription Box For Men: Sprezza Box

It’s the details that set’s you apart from the others when it comes to fashion, and SprezzaBox has you covered there. Each month a selection of 5-6 necessities—watches, ties, socks, grooming products, and such, will keep you at the top of your game.

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Best Grooming Subscription Box For Men: BirchBox

Take care of all your grooming needs with a subscription to Birchbox. After you fill out an online profile each month you get five grooming items (hair gel, shaving creme, cologne) tailored to your needs. Plus, every now and then they toss in an extra surprise.

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Best Underwear Subscription Box For Men: MeUndies

Most men don’t think about replacing their underware until they are falling apart, that’s not appealing to anyone, especially your partner. Solve that problem with a MeUndies; a new set of drawers arrives at your door monthly allowing you to always look fresh.

Buy Now $16/month

Best Music Subscription Box For Men: Vinyl Me Please

For the audiophile this club is a dream. Every single month a new album — many of which are special releases — arrives accompanied by an original art print, and a custom cocktail recipe. On top of that every single week they email you playlists and industry news. It’s like a modern Columbia House Record Club but you can actually cancel any time.

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Best Pop Culture Subscription Box For Men: Loot Crate

If you’re the type of person that anxiously awaits the release of the newest superhero movie, comic book, or cartoon then this is your idea of heaven. Each month you’ll receive a curated list of licensed collectibles (T-shirts, action figurines, wizard wands to name a few) to geek out to.

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Best Specialty Food Subscription Box For Men: Try The World

Kick your mealtime up to a different level by introducing exotic ingredients from around the world with Try The World. A new country is featured each month, with seven to eight gourmet items showing up for you to cook with. If you happen to love one location especially you can go online and order more boxes from there.

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