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The Procrastinator’s Guide To Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gifts

It happens. Maybe work got crazy; maybe it just crept up on you. Whatever case, you forgot to order a Mother’s Day gift and now the celebration is less than a week away. Don’t start thinking about gas station flowers yet. We collected an assortment of last-minute Mother’s Day gift ideas that, thanks to Amazon Prime, are all available with two-day shipping. From an artsy Scandinavian teapot to a pair of rose gold studs that won’t irritate her lobes, each gift should arrive at your door in plenty of time to say “Happy Mother’s Day!” and not “Hope you like petunias that smell like diesel!”

Kindle Oasis

Kindle Oasis E-Reader -- last-minute Mother's Day gift ideas

Ensure she doesn’t spend all of those late-night feedings squinting in the dark at an old issue of The New Yorker with the perfect last-minute Mother’s Day gift: Amazon’s newest e-reader. The Kindle Oasis boasts a 6-inch, high-res screen illuminated by 10 LEDs for low-light reading, a tapered ergonomic grip, and a battery that should last the first several months of your child’s life without needing to be recharged.

Buy Now $290

Menu Glass Kettle Teapot

Menu Glass Kettle Teapot -- last-minute Mother's Day gift ideas

Whether she’s an oolong obsessive, follows the cult of chamomile, or sips nothing but sweet tea, this Scandinavian pitcher is a fine place for her brew. The 50-ounce heat-resistant glass vessel was designed by architects who wanted to provide front row seats to the kaleidoscopic glory of the steep; it also comes with a reusable stainless steel infuser because what monster would use anything but loose tea in this beauty?

Buy Now $70

Vremi Garden 9-Tool Set

Vremi Garden Tools Set -- last-minute Mother's Day gift ideas

She treats that azalea bush and herb garden with as much care as she does your kids, so why not give her some better tools for the job this Mother’s Day? Each of the pieces in this nine-tool set, which includes a hand rake, pruning shears, garden gloves, and transplanter, are ergonomically designed and rust resistant. And the cotton and mesh carrying case gives the tools a nice place to lay low after a day of dirty work.

Buy Now $38

Espere Rose Quartz Stud Earrings

Espere Rose Quartz Stud Earrings -- last-minute Mother's Day gift ideas

Made out of 14k rose gold and set with rose quartz, these stylish studs are completely resistant to color fading and tarnishing. Plus, since they’re eco-friendly finishing makes them hypoallergenic and therefore beneficial to mom’s “sensitive skin.” We can’t think of a better last-minute Mother’s Day gift.

Buy Now $26

Woodzee Wooden Sunglasses

Woodzee Elle Polarized Wooden Sunglasses -- last-minute Mother's Day gift ideas

Sure, you could buy her another pair of pink wayfarers for mom on Mother’s Day. Or, you could step up her game with a pair of Woodzee shades. Available in a variety of styles, each pair of polarized sunglasses is made from sustainable wood, the grain pattern of which provides each pair with a unique feel. The shades also feature spring-loaded hinges and 100 percent UV protection.

Buy Now $24

Gaiam Yoga Mat Tote Bags

Gaiam Yoga Mat Tote Bags -- last-minute Mother's Day gift ideas

Is mom looking to get her downward dog on? The embroidered nylon bag stores mats up to 28 inches long and features magnetic snaps as well as a large exterior zipper compartment that’s big enough to stash a water bottle and post-session protein bar. There’s also a small inside pocket where she can keep her keys, wallet, and, hopefully, smartphone. Because texting while tucked is not very zen.

Buy Now $25

The Farmhouse Cookbook By Sarah Mayor & Andrew Montgomery

The Farmhouse Cookbook -- last-minute Mother's Day gift ideas

Wide in scope and thorough in its exploration of country-style cooking, this robust collection of 100 farmhouse recipes belongs on any rustic cook’s shelf this Mother’s Day. There are detailed recipes on everything from quiche to quail. And in case mom wants to venture out and pick for her own ingredients, it also provides detailed tips on foraging and seasonal eating. Maybe give her a poison ivy guide before she heads off on a rutabaga mission.

Buy Now $19

Nixon Ladies Kenzi Watch

Nixon Ladies Kenzi Watch -- last-minute Mother's Day gift ideas

When mom asks “what the cool kids are wearing these days”, instead of ignoring her and changing the subject, gift her a Nixon for Mother’s Day. The ladies Kenzi maintains the hip, minimalist design but adds in a leather rose gold accents so she’s still dressing her age and not like those hoodlum millennials.

Buy Now $130

Bosmere Copper Watering Can

Bosmere Copper Watering Can -- last-minute Mother's Day gift ideas

This watering can is more of a MOMA-worthy sculpture than mere plant-waterer. But the copper and brass can is more than just a pretty face. Its spout can be flipped to change the angle the water releases (and prevent mom from drowning her magnolias) and its brass cover is removable to offer a gentler way to water seedlings.

Buy Now $86