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Hulk Hands, Foam Swords, and Other Toys for Kids Who Are Ready to Rumble

Let the gladiator battles begin.

Wrestling with your kids is a time-honored tradition, one that helps build character, expend energy, and blow off steam. But sometimes you need more props than pillows and cushions. Whether you want to enhance your Saturday morning wrestling match or just give your kids a few more ways to wail on each other, these soft weapons and toys are worthy of entering the fray. From 33-inch, zombie-slaying foam swords and wearable bubble suits to Power Ranger weapons and Hulk Fists, they’ll certainly take your family bonding to new levels.

Nerf Zombie Strikeblade

When it comes to bashing in zombies brains, nothing quite gets the job done as elegantly as Morgan’s staff on Walking Dead. Since the gory dismemberment prone AMC series is way too violent for your kids to tune into, just tell them this sturdy 33-inch foam Nerf blade is the best thing for putting the undead out of their misery and they’ll take your word for it. Just be prepared to wince when they whack your shins with this easy to wield melee weapon.

Buy Now $15

Bbop Buddy Bumper Balls

Let your kids ram into each other with the abandon of bumper cars with these blue translucent bubble suits. Each inflatable 36″ ball (pack comes with two) is tested to handle up to 150 lbs. Since these aren’t the full body hamster wheel bubbles, before they begin their bounce-bout you may want to insist on them tossing on bike helmets as an added layer of protection.

Buy Now $70

Red Ranger Power Sword

Sure this skittles colored fighting team has had more cast changes than General Hospital but the red ranger is always a constant so whether Dino Charge or Ninja Steel series was more their jam, this mighty morphin rubber bladed bad boy lights up and makes cool sound effects while you hack away at alien monsters. There’s even a training mode which coaches kids on their slash attacks. It runs on 3 AAA batteries and they’re included.

Buy Now $30

Whombatz Shield and Sword Combo

Settle sibling rivalries with these soft and durable padded foam versions of medieval infantry standard issue. Try that game where if an arm is hit it, you stop using it and put it behind your back and if a leg is hit you resort to hopping on the other one. Lose all four limbs and that’s all she wrote. Whombatz also has bow-staffs, long swords, and battle-axes so there’s a lot more whoop-ass in their toy arsenal.

Buy Now $45

Hulk Smash FX Fists

For kids into Bruce Banner and his mean green muscle-bound alter-ego, there’s nothing better than yelling “Hulk Smash!!!” at the top of their lungs while punching the nearest thing in sight and if that’s going to be the dining room drywall it’s probably for the best that their fists have a little extra squish to ‘em. Foster home furnishing friendly gamma-ray cosplay with these motion-activated mitts that roar and make other Hulk sound effects when air-smashing the sky or hard surfaces.

Buy Now $43

TMNT Plush Nunchucks

Possession of a set of real deal nunchucks is actually illegal in some countries. The whirling stick and chain weapon can do serious damage. So if your kid’s favorite turtle is Michelangelo stray away from an even semi-legit two-part flail, even the rubber ones for kids martial arts classes can inflict a world of hurt. So for bruise-free play turtle power, these plush chucks are the way to go.

Buy Now $7

Boston Red Sox Foam Fist

Foam fingers? Pffft. Nowadays, modern team affiliation is best expressed tightly clenched. While ostensibly this oversized fandom prop is for holding a can or a pint glass in a goofball way, it’s got a lot more utility than mere sight gag. Kids tend to find these supersized foam knuckles irresistible when practicing their knockout punches.

Buy Now $22

Thor Rumble Strike Hammer

If you’ve got a kid into the frost giant slaying Thunder God with the flowing blonde locks played by Chris Hemsworth in the flicks, odds are they’re going to want to get their paws on the Asgardian’s mystical gray sledgehammer. The bottom of the hilt on this plastic replica has some soft foam cushioning as do the ends of the oversized hammerhead to blunt damage to your drywall on an errant swing. 2AA batteries are required to make Mjolnir rumble in battle.

Buy Now $20

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