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Best Incredibles Costumes for the Whole Family

A guide for the indecisive Incredibles fan.

The much-anticipated arrival of Incredibles 2 has returned the animated superhero movie to the front of the line for kids’ and tweens’ obsessions, so there will be a lot of Halloween Incredibles costumes this year. But which are the best Incredibles costumes? Most family members will want to go as the beloved characters of the titular family. But don’t dismiss the villains and minor characters outright — there’s not a character on this cast that’s not worthy of mimicry this Halloween. Here’s your guide to the best of the best in this elite cast of cartoon superheroes.

Jack-Jack Parr: We predict this will be the number one Halloween costume for babies and toddlers this year. It’s a no-brainer.

Elastigirl: Helen Parr’s alter ego got a costume upgrade in the Incredibles sequel, and your kid gets the chance to rock those new silver duds.

Violett Parr: The Incredibles’ daughter can make herself invisible; sadly, your child cannot, but they can replicate her classic superhero getup, with black gloves, a Lone Ranger-esque mask, and black boots.

Dash: Dash’s look is pretty similar to that of his big sister, but replaces the dress with the traditionally male superhero undies-over-tights, in black.

Edna Marie: There are adult costumes for the character who creates the Incredibles’ superhero ensembles, but for kids you’ll need to go DIY. And if you can do what this woman did, you’ll nail it.

Blogspot / Krazy Kingdom

Frozone: It’s hard to find a child-sized pre-made Frozone costume, but you can order them in extra small, which could work for tweens and teens.

Voyd: The teleporting teenager has arguably the coolest look of all the Incredibles characters, and you can recreate that look with some at-home makeup and hair work, and some DIY outfit work for the costume.

Youtube / Shilpa Ahuja

The Underminer: Replicate the infamous robber’s look by taking this adult DIY costume and subbing out the grownup apparel for kid-sized versions.

Evelyn Deavor: The easiest look to nail is that of Evelyn Deavor, Helen Parr’s boss: a grey button-down, black slacks and short, tussled hair. Your kid has, or you can easily get, all of these at home – though you may need a wig for that hair.

Mr. Incredible: The most on-the-nose costume option is the leader/father of the Incredibles family, and his costume may be one of the most popular for kids. And it is widely available.