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Halloween Dog Costumes That Even Your Dog Will Love

These 10 dog costumes are the perfect fit for a funny, cute, and hassle-free Halloween.

When it comes to dressing your dog up for Halloween, it’s important to lay a few ground rules. First of all, if your dog hates it, don’t do it. Furthermore, it doesn’t need to be overly complicated — being able to get a costume on and off as needed ensures a happy pooch. Finally, you should be going for cute, not scary — that Cujo costume is likely too real for anyone to appreciate it. With all this in mind, we compiled a handful of hilarious Halloween costumes for your dog to suit up in on October 31. If you bring them along with you, don’t play tricks and do bring the treats.

UPS Delivery Man

Whether your pup is a friend or foe of your local delivery guy, this costume is a worthy tribute to a very complicated, timeless relationship.

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A lion is the only respectable transformation a dog can make into a cat. Plus, if you have a Golden Retriever or a yellow Lab, the getup looks pretty convincing. This costume comes complete with a lion mane wig and a tail-topper.

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You can use the excuse while dressing your dog up as a squirrel that you’re just trying to help him infiltrate enemy lines. Unfortunately, he’ll still end up barking up the tree.

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Hot Dog

If dog costumes have the popularity equivalent to a baby dressed up as a pumpkin, this is it. That being said, it’s a classic for a reason.

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Perfect for the Star Wars-enthusiast family. Because you don’t really know what your dog is saying when they speak, but you know that they’re the wisest one in the family.

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It might have been the scariest movie of 2017, but it has inspired one of the funniest pet costumes of 2018. Complete with an orange wig and a red balloon attached to fake arms, this costume makes it look like your pooch is walking on its hind feet, ready to break out into a creepy (cute) clown dance at any moment.

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Wonder Woman

Because not all heroes wear capes—especially when they have fur and the Lasso of Truth to keep them warm.

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Who ya gonna call? This costume comes complete with an inflatable proton pack and an official Ghostbusters patch for Fido. But bonus points if you cop the Slimer headpiece and rock it on October 31 while out for a walk.

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Keep the ’80s Halloween movie magic alive by transforming your four-legged friend into everyone’s favorite sleazy ghost-for-hire — complete with that iconic wild silver wig.

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Let your pooch connect with his wild wolf ancestry with a werewolf costume. You win Halloween if you can teach them the “Thriller” dance by October 31.

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