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The 11 Best Halloween Costumes from Walmart

From Black Panther to Elsa, Mr. Incredible to Captain America, here are the best Halloween costumes you can get for your kids at Walmart.

Halloween has a way of sneaking up on you. You had designs months ago on pulling together a hand-sewn Nightmare Before Christmas costume for the whole family. Now, you’re thinking a white sheet and pair of scissors might be the only option left, even though junior is vehement that he doesn’t want to be a ghost. Fear not, we have you covered. Or, more specifically Walmart does. Unsurprisingly, the biggest retailer in the world has a lot to offer during Halloween. But what to get? We sorted through it all to help you make that decision. From Ant-Man to Elsa, Mr. Incredible to Captain America, here are the best Halloween costumes you can get for your kids at Walmart.

Captain America

If your kid likes to be in charge, this is the superhero for them. Between beating up Nazis and Thanos, there’s hardly a more iconic hero in the Marvel universe.

Buy Now $21

Harley Quinn

We kind of doubt you let your kids go see Suicide Squad. But that probably didn’t stop your girl from idolizing Harley Quinn. If that’s the case, get your young badass this getup.

Buy Now $23

Jurassic World T-Rex

Kids make a mess. But on Halloween, they’re allowed a little leg room—especially if they’re a dinosaur. If your kid fantasizes about being the ultimate superpredator, this costume is perfect.

Buy Now $16

Frozen’s Elsa

Let it go. Let it goooo. It’ll never leave our heads, and it certainly won’t leave your little angel’s anytime soon. This iconic costume is still great years after the movie came out. Sort of timeless, in a way.

Buy Now $20


Complete with a little proton pack, this Ghostbusters costume will help your kid conquer the creepy on Halloween. The Ghostbusters are, as they say, having a moment.

Buy Now $24

Incredible Violet

Hot on the heels of The Incredibles 2, this seasonal favorite will have your surly young lady punching her way to more candy. Hopefully not literally.

Buy Now $40



The Flash

Speedy kid? Speedy costume. Watch him zip up and down the block in a race to get more candy than his friends. Hopefully he’ll have enough energy to eat it.

Buy Now $27

Wonder Woman

You don’t have to travel back to World War I to get a great Wonder Woman outfit. Empower your young lady to be the star of her night.

Buy Now $20


Hard to beat this classic—especially with the look of Ben Affleck’s buffer take on the caped crusader from Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Buy Now $24

Shopkins Cupcake Queen

I don’t know what Shopkins is. You don’t know what Shopkins is. But your daughter definitely does. If she can’t get enough of the cute little toys, this is the costume for her.

Buy Now $15

Black Panther

Breaking box office records and the backs of bad guys. This awesome Black Panther costume will stand out on Halloween night as an iconic new addition to the team.

Buy Now $27