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The Best Golf Gear For Every Level Golfer

This standout golf gear works for ever level of golfer — from the weekend links-hound to the occasional swinger.

Depending on who you ask, golf is a meditative game that requires your thoughts be focused on the present — or it’s just walking around with beer. Either way, the sport is a great way to recharge the mind. Four hours spent on the golf course provides a mini vacation from work, family, and phone (just put in on “Do Not Disturb” already).  To help players of any level sharpen their golf game, or at least look like they belong at their buddy’s club, this is the best golf gear on the market to fill a bag and hopefully not drain a wallet.

The Driver

Playing from the short grass is key for low scoring and the Cobra F7 is a fairway finding machine. Numerous adjustability options allow players to tinker with shape and trajectory while an Arccos sensor built into the club’s grip tracks the drive via GPS. Nothing like a little evidence to back up all the bragging at the 19th hole. 

Buy Now $250

Titleist AP3 Irons

Titleist AP3 Irons -- golf gear

With The AP3, the folks at Titleist wanted to inject the forgiveness and distance of their game improvement AP1 irons with the looks and versatility of the AP2 that experienced and aspirational players prefer. The result is fantastic. Even half-way decent strikes with the AP3 irons feel crisp and sound like shots on TV. The irons progressive lengths and hollow construction offer higher launch and quicker stops on the green improving the odds of winning the club’s closest to the pin contest on Sunday.  $185 per club

TaylorMade Milled Grind Wedges

TaylorMade surface mills this series of wedges, creating precise sole geometry, leading edges, and score lines. Whether applying the wedge to chop out of the rough or for a delicate pitch from a tight lie, the Milled Grind provides players confidence of consistency across nearly any shot they can think of and even some straight from their nightmares. 

Buy Now $150

PXG Bat Attack Putter

In a ho-hum, even-par round of golf, half of the shots are played with one club – the putter. So, consistency is crucial. PXG’s Bat Attack features a face-balanced, modified-mallet design, which helps prevent twisting, and a stainless steel milled-insert face. A thermoplastic elastomer core offers consistency across the face whether the ball is caught closer to the toe or heel.

Buy Now $550

The Golf Balls

golf gear

Bridgestone’s Tour B line of golf balls offers four options. The X, XS, for low handicappers and the RX and RXs for players more in the middle of the spectrum. Players choose an option based on desired ball flight and feel or spin around the green. Bridgestone created all four designs from data developed from over three million in-person and online ball fittings. All four in the series are constructed with the company’s gradational core (the ball is softest in the middle and gets harder toward the outside) which produces more ball speed — something every golfer needs. 

Buy Now $90

Titleist Pro V1

The name of the game is consistency and the Pro V1 has it in spades. It’s  352 tetrahedral dimple design for a more consistent flight while its super durable, urethane cover gives golfers the legendary control around the green the Pro V1 is known for. It is the gold standard on which all other balls are judged and most are found wanting.

Buy Now $48

Snell My Tour Ball

Budget-conscious golfers will love Snell’s My Tour Ball. Three-piece premium construction in a golf ball that performs like those that cost double. What’s not to love?

Buy Now Starting At $28

Lacoste Sport Technical Gabardine Pants and Striped Stretch Polo

Lacoste Sport Technical Gabardine Pants and Striped Stretch Polo -- golf gear

No brand does modern, classic design better than Lacoste. Their simple, well-fit clothes are perfect for the golf course. This Sunday pairing has a bit of stretch added to the fabric so the pieces move with a golf swing and will transition effortlessly to anywhere else a fun day takes you.

Buy Now $(Prices Vary)

Ecco S-Drive Shoes

The bold style of the Ecco S-Drive may not be for the stylishly conservative golfer. But the fashion risk will be rewarded with stability on every shot and comfort throughout the round. The ultra-lightweight mesh upper is re-enforced with bonded microfiber for support and flexibility, while the outsole, specially designed with 800 traction angles, gives players better leverage during a swing from the ground up.

Buy Now $160

Bushnell Pro X2

Accurate to half a yard, the Bushnell Pro X2 gives golf players the opportunity to know the yardage to the pin rather than guess. The Pro X2 also offers adjusted yardages based on slope. So, if a shot plays a little up or downhill, the finder does the math.  

Buy Now $500

Jones Utility Stand Bag

Jones Utility Stand Bag -- golf gear

A great golf bag is almost as important to your game as great sticks. At five pounds, the Jones Utility Stand bag is light enough to not be a burden when you’re walking the course. Six pockets offer ample storage for all a player’s necessities while the simple, classic design looks great on the links and is easy to spot at the bag drop.  

Buy Now $200

Galvin Green Bow 1/2 Windstopper

It’s a good idea to keep a jacket in the bag at all times in case the weather shifts. Galvin Green’s Bow half zip is totally windproof, breathable and water-resistant so players can focus on their game in conditions that are less than ideal. 

Buy Now $252

Golf Pride Align Grips

There are many keys to making a good golf swing, but first among them is to grip the club properly. Golf Pride MCC Align grips help golfers do just that. A raised rubber strip on the bottom side of the Align gives the player a tactile indication of where their hands should go before they grip it and rip it down the fairway.

Buy Now $13

Arccos 360

Arccos 360 -- golf gear

Getting better at golf means understanding strengths and weaknesses. The Arccos 360 system pairs with a smartphone-based app and automatically tracks every shot a player makes during a round.  Battery-powered sensors placed at the end of the grip on each club records impact while a Google Maps GPS tracks where the golf ball lands. The data is then synthesized into easily understandable metrics so players can focus on areas they need to improve. Arccos also offers a digital Caddie, available for a subscription. The caddie provides strategic advice based on their own metrics, course conditions and the results of every shot ever taken by all Arccos users across the globe.

Buy Now $219