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The 10 Best Sets of Cozy Flannel Sheets

We found the best flannel sheets to help you stay warm on even the coldest winter nights.

The easiest way to turn your OK bed into the warm and cozy oasis of your dreams? Flannel sheets, which are usually made from wool, cotton, or synthetic fibers and are beloved for their warmth and affordability. And while they have a reputation as a wintertime staple, the best flannel sheets can be used year-round.

If you’re never bought flannel before but are ready to take the plunge, there’s a few things you need to know. Unlike traditional cotton sheets, flannel is sold by weight not thread count. Simply put, the heavier the fabric, the more durable the sheets.

We’ve found the best flannel sheet sets on the market — ones that are soft and attractive but also wear well over time and won’t bust your budget. Sweet dreams.

These soft flannel sheets are the ideal weight for year-round use. Available in eight fetching hues, they hold their bright colors even after long-term washing and use.

Pros: We’re happy to report that the fitted sheet is a lot deeper than those made by competitors, so you didn’t have to tug at the corners while making the bed.

Cons: Customers stated that after several weeks of use both the fitted and top sheets began to shed. A lot. 

The dreamy print alone is enough to make us swoon. But as an added bonus, the flannel is brushed for extra softness and is preshrunk.

Pros: These flannel sheets are known for being super soft, and they won’t shrink in the dryer.

Cons: These can tend to pill, so wash using a gentle cycle.

This set of Portuguese-made sheets is moderate in warmth, thickness, and price.

Pros: These come in seven different kinds of plaid, but no matter which colors you choose from you get a velvety set of sheets that are napped on both sides for extra comfort.

Cons: Some owners complained that these sheets produce a lot of lint both on the mattress and in the lint trap of the dryer.

In addition to their softness, these sheets come with a no-questions-asked, 100 percent money-back guarantee, making them a worry-free purchase.

Pros: Because these flannel sheets are pre-washed, they won’t shrink. Plus, they’re fade-, stain-, shed-, and wrinkle-resistant. Available in eight shades, you’re sure to find something that matches any decor.

Cons: Some complain that the top sheet is too short for their taste (or body length). 

These sheets are extra soft thanks to their flannel weight of 180 grams per square meter. Yet they’re lightweight and breathable so you’ll be warm without feeling like you just ran a marathon.

Pros: Available in a spectrum of solid colors, these flannel sheet sets are right at home in any bedroom. Made of 100 percent cotton, they’re lightweight enough to use during milder weather. 

Cons: Owners noted that this set produced a lot of lint during the washing process, while others noticed the fitted sheet shrunk a bit after multiples washes.

These sheets are brushed twice for extra softness, and they're free of any kind of chemical treatment so they won't irritate sleepers with sensitive skin.

Pros: These sheets are super easy to take care of, machine washable on warm with wrinkle resistance built-in. They also come with a 30-day guarantee, so you can try them out for a month to make sure you like them.

Cons: Some buyers found these sheets to be a bit thin, so you might want to take a pass if you live in a colder climate and need winter sheets.

These flannels will have you unleashing your inner lumberjack thanks to patterns that include the classic buffalo check and other rustic plaids.

Pros: These flannel sheets fit the thickest mattresses with ease at the same time they make your bedroom look like something out of a cozy cabin. And they’re made in Portugal from 100 percent cotton. 

Cons: Buyers noted that the material is thin and some found that the top sheet is not long enough for a good tuck-in at the bottom of the mattress.

Thanks to their fast-dry design, these sheets won’t take forever in the dryer, saving you energy and time on laundry day.

Pros: Because they’re lightweight, you can enjoy these micro flannel sheets year-round. The colors stay true even after months of washing and never shrink.

Cons: These flannel sheets are 100 percent polyester rather than cotton, which can be a con for some who prefer natural fibers. 

Eddie Bauer attributes the softness of these sheets to its eight-stage brushing process, which also eliminates pilling. With each washing, the sheets grow more comfortable, the company asserts.

Pros: The fitted flannel sheet is designed with elastic all the way around, which makes for a nice, snug fit. You won’t find yourself twisted up and uncomfortable in the middle of the night. 

Cons: Several customers lamented that the sheets ripped after several trips through the washing machine.

This microfleece material is a departure from the classic flannel feel, and it's one that we like. It's nice and cozy but also moisture-wicking so you won't get too sweaty throughout the night.

Pros: They get softer after each wash, and that’s saying something, as the microfleece feels almost impossible soft out of the box.

Cons: The stitching leaves something to be desired, and some reviewers have said that it starts to come apartafter a while.

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