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The Best Flannel Sheets For Winter and Beyond

Go from a meh bed to a magical sleep oasis.

The easiest way to transform your OK bed into the gloriously warm sleep oasis of your dreams? Invest in the best flannel sheets you can afford. Flannel provides great insulation, which means you stay warmer no matter what the hell is going on outside. The sheets are a solid choice for the entire year if you tend to run cold at night; if, however, you wake up hot and sweaty, you want to save them for truly frigid weather.

Unlike traditional cotton sheets, flannel is sold by weight, not thread count. Simply put, the heavier the fabric, the more durable the sheets, so six ounce sheets (like the Coyuchi ones below) are ones you want to save for subzero temps. More lightweight ones, meanwhile, can be on your bed for all four seasons.

Truly a thing of wonder, these ultra-soft flannel five ounce sheets are lightweight enough to be used throughout the year, but cozy enough that you'll appreciate them even more in winter.

If you live in truly cold climes, consider these organic cotton sheets, which are six ounces, a godsend. They're thick and ultra-warm, and they feel like velvet.

If these cotton flannel sheets don't scream winter, we're not sure what does. They're just under six ounces, and they're as soft and warm as you'd imagine them to be.

These heavyweight organic cotton sheets, which are the denser side, are thick and gloriously comfortable. Get them if you run cold at night.

These sheets are made of organic cotton, if that's something that matters to you, and are on the thicker side; they're roughly six ounces.

These five ounce sheets from Amazon's in-house brand have a double-napped finish on both sides, so if softness is your jam, these are soft. Very soft.

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