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Best Essential Oil Diffusers

Enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy with these top essential oil diffusers.

When you’re stressed out, an essential oil diffuser can help calm your mind. Because aromatherapy is a thing, and it’s a thing that works.

Our sense of smell is integrally connected to our memory. Think how a certain scent can transport you back to a specific moment in time, or trigger all sorts of intense emotions. And that’s where an essential oil diffuser can play a huge role. It can help create a soothing, relaxing environment, something that’s particularly helpful to stressed-out parents. 

First, the basics. An essential oil diffuser releases oils into the air, spreading whatever scent you choose throughout a room or an entire home. The most popular type of diffuser is an ultrasonic one, which breaks down essential oils into a fine mist. Sure, you can burn a candle to have your living room smell like lavender or peppermint, but if you have kids or pets or both around, anything that’s not a fire hazard is a better option.

Make sure you choose one that blends with your home decor, is easy to clean, and runs for the ideal amount of time you need (instead of conking out after an hour). And of course, choose an oil you love, one that resonates with you and your significant other.

These are some of the best essential oil diffusers you can buy, based on editor picks, user reviews, and aesthetics. 

Because the scent is evenly released, it's long-lasting. Plus, this diffuser has its own app. Meaning, you can control it remotely and walk into a home that smells like a dream.

Pros: First off, this diffuser is beautiful. Plus, the fragrance is released at once, meaning it’s consistent and never overpowering. You control it from your smartphone, which is a nice add.

Cons: You have to buy the fragrances separately, and they’re not cheap.

This diffuser is wireless, rechargeable and perfect for aromatherapy on the go. It's light, it's cute, and it's portable.

Pros: We like that this is a nebulizing diffuser, which means it uses no heat and no water. It has a glass reservoir for the oil. Which also means no messy water spillage.

Cons: Because it’s portable, it’s also battery-operated, which means it’s more of a hassle to operate and won’t be available to use if it has no juice.

The ZAQ essential oil diffuser has a LiteMist aromatherapy system that silently mists essential oils around your home or office. It runs for four hours before needing a refill.

Pros: The biggest thing in this essential oil diffuser’s favor is how quiet it is. It doesn’t heat up the oils, so there’s no condensation created.

Cons: Some complain that it’s cheaply made.

This gorgeous diffuser runs continuously and creates a fine mist for up to 7.5 hours when used without turning it off. And it will power down when it turns out of water.

Pros: You get four devices in one with this essential oil diffuser. It’s a humidifier, air freshener, sound machine, and nightlight. It’s super-quiet, so you won’t notice if you leave it on at night to just mist your air. The color-changing lights are a lovely addition, too.

Cons: You may not need all the different bells and whistles, and opt for something simpler and more straightforward.

Not only is this Smart Wi-Fi essential oil diffuser beautiful with its wood grain design, but this unit is wireless and can be controlled via smartphone app or through Google Home or Alexa. And, users can create a schedule for their essential oil diffuser, ensuring your home is always smelling like your favorite oils.

Pros: This diffuser uses ultrasonic frequencies that vaporize water and oil molecules into the air, avoiding the use of heat, which can damage essential oils. It’s also backed by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Cons: Those who struggle with the use of technology may prefer a more simplified essential oil diffuser that powers on with the press of a button. And, while the benefits of scheduling a diffuser abound, remembering to fill the unit in advance may be challenging.

This essential oil diffuser is designed with Zen in mind. The unit is crafted from natural wood and includes lava stones to create a relaxed appearance. It also comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty and a money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied.

Pros: This diffuser is unique and aesthetically interesting. The unit also has a water tank that’s twice the size of an average essential oil diffuser, giving it the ability to diffuse oils for approximately 36 hours before shutting off.

Cons: Some folks mention the unit being smaller in real life than they expected, but otherwise give the diffuser mostly rave reviews.

This diffuser is perfect for your nightstand or desk, and easily works in 540 square feet of space. Set it on intermittent mode and let it go to work.

Pros: This ultrasonic essential oil diffuser can run up to 24 hours, if not used continuously, and can run all night while you sleep. It’s a simple, basic, yet elegant machine that does what it’s meant to do, and does it in style.

Cons: It can be too noisy for some.

This stunning ceramic diffuser is hand-crafted from porcelain, has a 100ml capacity, and with 10 drops of an essential oil, will cover an area of 540 square feet. It can run for three continuous hours.

Pros: This is the diffuser for design fanatics. It has two timer settings, is easy to clean, and has an optional horizontal light.

Cons: The price.

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