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The Best Essential Oil Diffusers To Make Your Home Smell Like a Spa

Enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy with these top essential oil diffusers.

When you’re stressed out, the best aromatherapy diffuser can help calm your mind and relax your body. Because aromatherapy, as twee as it sounds, is a thing, and it’s a thing that works. An essential oil diffuser can create a soothing, calming environment, something that’s particularly helpful to already frazzled parents who don’t want to come home to a living room that reeks of day-old baby food or diapers

It’s simple: An essential oil diffuser releases oils into the air, spreading whatever scent you choose throughout a room or an entire home. Smells can evoke memories or feelings, so pick one that resonates with you. The most popular type of diffuser is an ultrasonic one, which breaks down essential oils into a fine mist. And while you can burn a candle to have your living room smell like lavender or peppermint, but if you have kids or pets or both around, anything that’s not a fire hazard is a better option.

Make sure you choose one that blends with your home decor, is easy to clean, and runs for the ideal amount of time you need (instead of conking out after an hour). And of course, choose an oil you love, one that resonates with you and your significant other.

This is the diffuser for design fanatics and is the most gorgeous one your can buy. It has two timer settings, is easy to clean, and has an optional horizontal light. This stunning ceramic diffuser is hand-crafted from porcelain, has a 90ml capacity, and with 10 drops of an essential oil, will cover an area of 540 square feet. It can run for three continuous hours.

Both a diffuser and a humidifier, this thing is basically a work of art on its own. It humidifies 450 square feet, and emits a cool mist. It has a removable water tank and different colors to indicate mist output settings. You insert scents into the aroma trays. And it has automatic shutoff.

Another design-minded diffuser, this 90ml one runs for four hours. It's beautiful. And it has automatic shut-off, plus a very gentle, subtle white light to create the ideal relaxed nighttime vibe.

First off, this diffuser is beautiful. Plus, the fragrance, which you get from capsules, is released at once, meaning it's consistent and never overpowering. You control the scent level, ranging from 1-10, from your smartphone, which is a nice add. Meaning, you can activate it remotely and walk into a home that smells like a dream. It's ideal for larger spaces, because it can cover a 1,000 square foot area.

This gorgeous diffuser runs continuously and creates a fine mist for up to 7.5 hours when used without turning it off; it turns 15 hours if used intermittently. And it will power down when it turns out of water. It's a humidifier, air freshener, sound machine, and nightlight. It's super-quiet, so you won't notice if you leave it on at night to just mist your air. The color-changing lights are a lovely addition, too.

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