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Best Easter Decorations

You'll win Easter with these decorations.

In an alternate universe, you’d morph into Martha Stewart and craft your way to Easter, painstakingly creating all your dreamy decor by hand.

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But we live in the real world, one full of whining kids, burned dinners, and long workdays. And that’s why we’ve pulled together the ultimate Easter decor list for you. Whether you are hosting a festive brunch for friends and family, looking to add some festive decorations to your home, need to outfit the family with Easter baskets and all the fillings or just need to buy a hostess gift, we have hand picked some of our favorite Easter-themed items. They’re fun. They’re cute. And they’re affordable. Just don’t forget the candy! 

This rustic-looking garland made out of durable burlap is a total multitasker.

Not only is this Easter garland perfect for decorating your home this holiday season in minimalist fashion, it can even be used as a backdrop for Easter photos. It’s affordable, high-quality and made to last. Also, it’s not garish. We approve.

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Throw pillows are an easy and inexpensive way to change up your home décor every season. All you have to do is switch out the covers.

These whimsical Easter-themed covers are made of a cotton linen blend and feature a beautiful image of a bunny donning a floral head garland. Best of all? They are machine washable.

If you are looking for a festive way to display all of your Easter cookies, cakes, macaroons, cupcakes and other baked goods, you need to order this adorable, handcrafted ceramic rabbit shaped stand ASAP.

Seriously, though, this ceramic Easter cake and cupcake stand is a must-have. Not hosting the holiday yourself this year? Scoop one up for a hostess gift. It’s handmade.

This wool felt rabbit and pom pom garland is so adorable, you will want to keep it up all year long.

Made out of 100 percent premium wool felt, each garland features 10 fluffy bunnies with 11 pink pom pom balls in-between. In addition to using it as decoration, it also makes for a super-festive photo background. Best of all, when Easter is over, it can live in your kid’s playroom or nursery. 

Don’t have the time to hand blow and paint decorative eggs? We don't either. And that's why we love these eggs.

These blue speckled ceramic robin eggs will be a guaranteed Easter hit. Each carton contains a dozen, each about the same size as large eggs at the grocery store. The best part about them is, while they may look like real eggs, they don’t break quite as easily.

If your front door is feeling a little naked since the ol’ Christmas wreath was taken down, then you might have to invest in this rabbit shaped grapevine wreath.

Adorned with colorful eggs, flowers and leaves and finished off with a pink bow, it will seriously amp up your Easter game and make all the neighbors jealous. It also comes in a well-constructed cardboard box, so once the holiday is over you can safely store it until next year. Also, it’s not an eyesore, something every discerning Easter aficionado can appreciate. 

Yes, we miss our Christmas tree, too. Here's a low-key Easter replacement.

This tree is hand-painted with realistic bark details. You can decorate it with Easter eggs or other holiday-themed items. The timer function turns your tree off automatically after six hours of use, and powers back on 18 hours later.

Speaking of Christmas, here are ornaments meant for your Easter tree!

These 12 colorful ornaments are made from paper mache, and have satin ribbons so you can hang them off your Easter tree.

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