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The Best Dog Halloween Costumes for Fido

Yeah, they might only wear the costume for 27 seconds. But it'll be a fun 27 seconds.

Who says humans are the only ones that can wear Halloween costumes? Dressing up the family dog on Halloween has become as much as an October 31st tradition as pumpkin carving and cramming as much candy into a pillowcase as possible (Yes, a pillow case makes the best candy bag. Fight us). Whether you want to buy a dog Halloween costume just for your furry friend, or if you want to force them into a dog Halloween costume that matches the whole family, to include your furry friend in the family costume or just want them in a costume for five-minutes for a fun photo, there are costumes aplenty. The best small and large dog Halloween costumes are silly and memorable while being comfortable-ish. After all, stuffing a 50-pound dog into a large dog Halloween costume that’s a hot dog or a 25-pound dog into a small dog Halloween costume that’s a little box of french fries isn’t easy — for them or you.

Whether you’re looking for your big dog or your small dog, there are a number of great dog Halloween costumes worth buying — even if it’s just for the family photo.

Show the struggling USPS some love with this dog Halloween costume, which works both for cats and dogs. The stuffed arms hold the package in place, and the costume itself includes the branded shirt, cap, and box.

This truly magical funny dog Halloween costume pays tribute to one of our favorite superheroes with a symbol headpiece and red dress.

No, that's not your dog holding the actual box. It's the stuffed hands that are part of the costume. Which even has a visor with a foam chin strap. This is an example of a funny dog Halloween costume that also helps save democracy.

There's never a wrong time to be a Jedi. Case in point is the best dog Halloween costume, which includes a brown cloak, an attached hood with ear holes, a tan shirt, and a belt to keep the whole thing in place.

Taco Tuesday? Please. It's tacos all day every day. The one-piece is easy to put on (bonus toppings if you get your feline to wear it) and has neck and belly straps with hook and loop fasteners.

Remember Ty Beanie Babies? Well, now your dog can become an actual stuffed animal with this cute collar accessory that makes them look like a Beanie Baby of yester-year. Bonus points in that it's not too involved, meaning that a) it won't take a bunch of paw-wrangling to get it on your pet and b) they may actually wear it for more than a minute.

The itsy bitsy spider ... OK, you see where we're going. This Halloween spider costume for dogs has an optional hood, and works best for smaller dogs weighing less than 23 pounds.

And for the cat in your life who you’re just ready to make hate you…

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This hunk of bread is cotton, and because it's so lightweight, your cat might not murder you in your sleep for being forced to wear it.

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