The Best Diapering Products And Bath Gear For Babies

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Your baby is perfect, but they’re also a perfect little puke and crap machine. The sooner you accept that those 2 things aren’t mutually exclusive, the easier it will be to accept the parental dirty work required to keep your poopy little angel looking, feeling, and smelling like sunshine, puppies, and unicorn farts. Sorry — you know you’ve got a newborn when you start mixing poo metaphors like that. The point is, in this particular area, having the right equipment is key. Grab these bathtime and diaper station essentials and, well, roll up your sleeves.

babyganics-first-bundle-of-loveDiapers: Babyganics Baby’s First Bundle Of Love

These diapers are not only ultra-absorbent, but they’re also eco- and kid-friendly thanks to chlorine-free, renewable, plant-based ingredients like a NeoNourish® Seed Oil Blend that keeps baby butts soft as a baby’s butt. The 58 that come in this bundle won’t nearly be enough, but you also get a bunch of wipes, diaper rash cream, hand sanitizer, $40 in coupons, and a cloth toy chest for all the other stuff people will buy you that you’ll wish were diapers.

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Diaper Pail: Ubbi Steel

If you’re think a regular trash pail will suffice, your kid is about to give you 10 good reasons a day to choose this version that’s literally a steel trap. Ubbi is best in class for capacity, ease of use, and keeping nurseries from smelling like bus terminals. Before you skimp, remember, this is a 2-to-3-year investment unless you pay someone else big bucks to potty train your kid … or move to Vietnam.

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naturepedic-changing-padChanging Pad: Naturepedic

It’s pricey for an unglamorous item, but for as much time as your baby will spend there au naturel, you want their changing pad all natural. Naturepedic’s is made of non-allergenic, chemical-free cotton fabric, filling, and support foam (no vinyl, polyurethane, PVC, phthalates, latex, or wool), exceeds federal flammability standards with no added toxins, and has a food-grade polyethylene coating. Finally, a changing pad  so clean you could eat off it! (Note: do not do this.)

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Wipe Warmer: Prince Lionheart Ultimate Wipes Warmer

Before you write this off as an unnecessary indulgence, consider how many diaper changes you’re about to undertake and how much your baby’s delicate skin stands to benefit from moist, soothing freshness after each one. If that doesn’t sway you, consider how much your bathroom breaks would improve as a result of the above.

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Bath Tub: Angelcare Bath Support

Rather than a standalone basin, this booster sits in your tub and allows water to gently flow through while your baby just chills there, all comfy-like. The seat is soft, ergonomic, and mold-resistant. And, the entire unit is designed to rinse and drain easily. Only problem: They haven’t made an adult-sized version.

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Eco-Friendly Baby Products Registry Hevea Alfie Junior Rubber Duck Bath ToyBath Toy: Hevea Alfie Junior

They say there’s no manual, but if there was, on page one, in big, bold letters it would say: “KID MUST HAVE A RUBBER DUCKIE.” You’d never make it to the part where it says duckie must not be made of gross, unsafe plastic, so to save you the trouble, here’s a 100-percent natural rubber one. It doesn’t squeak because “Toys must be silent” is on page 2.

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Bubbles: Babyganics Bath & Skin Care Essentials

This starter kit comes with bubble bath, hair and body wash, and daily moisturizing lotion made from natural, plant-based ingredients and designed to protect and nourish your baby’s extra-sensitive, vulnerable skin. It’s everything you need to maintain that new baby smell, which is, of course, the best smell. If you run yourself a bubble bath with it after everyone’s gone to bed, well, that’s your business.

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