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5 Whiskeys Under $25 That Won’t Rot Your Gut

Proof that decent whiskey doesn't have to break the bank.

In tandem with whiskey’s rise in in popularity, prices have gone up — way up. Many bottles that were once affordable have become wallet busters (remember just a few years back when that $150 bottle of Elijah Craig was one-third of the price?) Thankfully, for those on a budget you don’t have to drink the kind of whiskey that only goes well with a heavy pour of ginger ale. Here are five properly palatable whiskeys you can find for under $25. 

Old Forester Signature

An oldie but a goodie, Old Forester is a definite value bourbon. You might find it relegated to the bottom shelf, but this is an unfair placement. This 100 proof bottle can stand up to ice and is an excellent cocktail base. In other words, it’s a bottle you should stock on the regular. Go ahead, it won’t break the bank.

Buy Now $25

Johnny Walker Red

Sure, your last encounter with Johnny Walker Red Label may have been in an airport lounge, but it is one of the most recognizable whiskies in the world for a reason. It is a tasty drink, especially for the price. Our favorite use of Red: Serve on ice with a splash of soda and a slice of lemon.

Buy Now $19

Old Overholt Bonded

For a whiskey to be “bottled-in-bond” means that it’s 100 proof, from barrels filled in the same year by a single distiller and aged at least four years in a supervised warehouse. Thanks to the higher proof, Old Overholt Bonded is more flavorful than the original and delivers a nice rye spice that won’t overwhelm your palate. A glass can stand on its own with a touch of ice, while a few jiggers form the base of an excellent old fashioned. 

Buy Now $20

Pig’s Nose Scotch

While the name is a bit difficult to swallow, this scotch whisky is not. The blender calls this marriage of stocks from Speyside, Islay, and the Lowlands Pig’s Nose because its smooth as a hog’s sniffer. We’ve never touched a pork snout before, but the mouthfeel of this whisky is thick and rich with a butterscotch sweetness that gives way to a satisfying peppery smoke. 

Buy Now $25

Four Roses Yellow Label

Solid and approachable, the classic Four Roses should definitely have a space on your bar. While not as bold as some other offerings, Yellow Label’s caramel, vanilla, and spice make it not only a great daily sipper but a great base for cocktails. 

Buy Now $20

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