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6 Great Bar Carts to Have in Your Home

Yes, the classic piece of furniture is great for storing all your drink-making necessities. But it's made for so much more.

Has there ever been a piece a furniture more handy than the bar cart? It not only keeps your bottles of liquor and bartending equipment neatly displayed and organized, but it does so in a way that’s undeniably pleasing. The epitome of form meets function, its recent comeback really shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone.

The mere presence of a bar cart in a space indicates a hospitable host, lending a subtle air of sophistication. A good bar cart has the power to create an instantaneous ambiance of welcomeness and merriment. You can bet that the most colorful characters at any party are oftentimes found hovering nearby. But a bar cart is much more than simply a mobile vessel for storing your booze.

While we tend to associate bar carts with the Mad Men era of yesteryear, they actually started out as tea trolleys in the Victorian times. Then during Prohibition, people began using them to cart around their illegal spirits. But plenty of folks still find creative uses for their bar carts to this day. Their sheer versatility is part of their timeless charm.

Setting up dinner in another room? Load up your bar cart to make transportation a breeze. Have an empty area in your home that needs some sprucing up? Roll one in and deck it out with picture frames, plants, and other knickknacks to bring the space to life. Not much of a drinker? Use it as another surface to serve appetizers or desserts during your next shindig or park it grill-side for some extra prep space. Hell, use it as a quick storage unit for your kids stuffed animals.

A physical statement of your personal style, there really is a bar cart suited for everyone. From ornate and dramatic to casual and understated; from vintage throwback to sleek and futuristic—the possibilities are endless. Here are some of our favorite bar carts to get inspired.

Bennett Bar Cart from Joss & Main

Looking for a fun option that can introduce a pop of color to your place? The Bennett Bar Cart is an affordable find that’s perfect for cramped quarters. The collapsible piece can be broken down in a cinch and folded away when not in use. But its stainless steel frame and lockable wheels will certainly come in handy during any indoor or outdoor get-together.

Buy Now $83

Glasgow Metal Bar Cart from Project 62

Streamlined and minimalistic, this jet black model from Target will add a modern touch wherever it’s parked. With three tiers of shelving, it’s a practical piece for all of your entertaining or decorating needs. Plus, its clean lines and classic rectangular shape and are sure to please the eye while seamlessly complementing any space.

Buy Now $150

Old World Globe Bar Cart from Wayfair

If there’s a globetrotter in your life, this antique-inspired option may be right up their alley. Embellished with replica 16th-century nautical maps, the manufactured wooden bar cart looks just like a long-forgotten vintage globe you’d find hiding in an antique shop. Just open the top to store your favorite bottles or take advantage of the built-in extended shelf.

Buy Now $227

Jamestown Industrial Bar Cart from Hayneedle

This highly-rated bar cart designed by Belham Living effortlessly embodies the industrial aesthetic trend that’s been popping up everywhere in recent years. Constructed from solid ash wood and iron, it boasts plenty of useful design details, including a rack to hang stemware, multiple shelves, and a spacious lower wine cabinet that can hold up to 12 bottles.

Buy Now $387

Aerin Bar Cart from Williams-Sonoma

Last but not least is a smooth-rolling trolley available from Williams-Sonoma. Crafted from natural rattan in a honey stain and brass-plated casters, it exudes a tasteful dash of southern charm reminiscent of a bygone era. Skewing on the pricier end, consider this handmade model more of an investment piece that you’ll be able to use for years to come.

Buy Now $487