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The Best Non-Tacky Baby Books and Memory Books

They're not just for saps.

It might seem hokey to write a whole book about your baby’s first year. You don’t want to be the parent who obsesses over your son’s first avocado, or tells long stories, chronicled for posterity in baby books, about how your daughter slept through the night. But memories are fleeting, and a year from now, you’ll have forgotten the milestones and ridiculous events of those early days. A baby memory book — an understated early moments book: no glitter, cherubs, or baby booties motifs here — can be a decidedly non-cheesy way to record those moments and details that you’ll want to remember: First words, first steps, first avocado.

Creating a baby book is a pretty solid way to kill some time when you’re housebound due to COVID-19, as well, and if you’re a parent with a newborn at home during a pandemic, suffice to say this is a moment in history worth recording.


Parents get a whopping 254 pages they can devote to every year of their child's life. There's room for photos, footprints, birth info, likes and dislikes, and anything else you want to record in this hardbound journal. It's unfussy and simple.

Think of this as cute-adjacent. This 48 page book lets doting new parents list their kid's favorite things, and has space for footprints and birth info. It's a fun, easy activity to do on a rainy day (or when you're stuck indoors on any day, really). It's also a handy repository for all those details you think you'll remember, but you know you'll forget.

This beautiful space-themed baby book has gold foil detailing, and plenty of room to document everything about your child's first year. There's even a space for the hospital bracelet. Each page is dedicated to a specific month.

A modern keepsake that partners well with online memories, this beautiful baby book lets parents document their infant's first year through words and pictures. The cover is fabric, and the 100-page book is a four-ring binder, which lets you add, remove, or rearrange pages. The coolest part is that the book can be paired with an app, so you can order prints and connect directly to your Instagram.

This book's strength lies in its super-minimalist and customizable aesthetic: You choose the cover design and color, the number and design of pages. Layouts are simple, with plenty of white space, so you can showcase moments that mean something to you, and add corresponding captions and dates.

A clean, crisp book that resembles a magazine (remember those?), this memory book is one that you create in one fell swoop, rather than as you go along. You design the whole thing online — choose layouts and headlines, add extra pages, add commentary — and then have the hard copy sent to you. Obviously, once this one's done, it's done.

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