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The Bacon Express Is A Toaster For Frying Bacon

There are plenty of reasons why you don’t eat bacon every day, not least of which is that you’d eventually like to walk your daughter down the aisle. And you’d prefer to not weigh 1,000 pounds when you do. But you’re also not frying up swine on the regular because, well, it’s kind of a pain in the ass. Or it was before the mad geniuses at Nostalgia Electrics rolled out the Bacon Express.

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Yes, this is the bacon toaster you’ve been waiting for, and it cooks six strips of your favorite regular or thick-cut pork in minutes. No fuss. No mess. Simply hang the bacon over the non-stick cooking plate like a pair of pants on a hanger, close the two insulated doors, and turn the dial; It’s got two settings (for thin or thick), can cook to varying degrees of crispiness, and lights up like your kids’ faces when you tell them what’s for breakfast.

Nostalgia bacon express grill

Also, it’s healthy! Well, healthier. It is still bacon after all. But because the Bacon Express cooks strips vertically, the fat drips away and collects at the bottom in a slide-out tray. So the bacon doesn’t cook in its own grease, and you don’t have to burn through an entire roll paper towels trying to dab it all off. Even better, because they’re hanging, the bacon strips won’t shrivel up from a very respectable size in the package to something much, much smaller that your wife may or may not comment on by the time they’re done cooking.

Assuming your counter isn’t already littered with one-trick appliances and you have a good tailor to let out your pants, the Bacon Express Crispy Bacon Grill runs an affordable $40 online.

Buy Now $30