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The Definitive 2018 Back to School Supply List for Grade Schoolers

Streamline your back-to-school shopping with this comprehensive checklist.

Back-to-school shopping seems like it gets more complicated every year. Notebook, pencil, and backpack? Not even the tip of the iceberg. But how much stuff does your 6-year-old really need? Answer: Slightly less than those commercials are trying to sell you, but more than you might guess. And before you buy anything, always check with your kid’s teacher to see if there are any special requirements or restrictions. Here, our definitive back-to-school list for parents of grade schoolers.

Back to School Checklist For Kids in Grades 1-3

  • 24-pack of crayons (, $11)
  • Dry erase marker, fine tip, black (, $15 for 12-pack)
  • Pink eraser (, $6 for 6-pack)
  • Two-pocket folders in multiple colors (, $16 for box of 50 folders)

Fatherly IQ
  1. How comfortable and prepared do you feeling speaking to your children about race and systemic racism?
    That's not a conversation I plan to have.
    I feel prepared. I will teach them that everyone is equal.
    I feel unprepared and uncomfortable, but plan to have the conversation.
    I feel prepared. I will teach them that inequality is a core American experience.
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  • Washable markers, fine tip, 10-color pack (, $5)
  • #2 pencils, 12-pack (, $13)
  • Portable pencil sharpener (, $16 for 3-pack)
  • Lunch box with a snap-shut or zip-closure lid (, $10)

For Kids Grades 4-6, add the following:

  • Black or blue ballpoint pens (, $7.50 for 12-pack)
  • Three-subject spiral notebooks (, $10 for 2)