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All the Back to School Shopping Deals You Should Know

Deals on everything from stationary supplies and backpacks to binders and clothes.

Summer is wrapping up and back to school season is here. We know, you don’t want to think about trading in beach trips for backpack and pen shopping, which is why we went ahead and highlighted all the best back to school deals on everything from binders and backpacks to calculators and Crayola supplies at such stores as Target, Amazon, Office Depot, Walmart, Staples, and eBags. Consider this your go to guide for all back to school sales, which we will be updating regularly to keep you informed of the noteworthy deals so you can spend less time on shopping lists and more time enjoying the last days of summer.

The Best Back to School Deals at Canon

Canon’s back to school sale covers printing supplies, calculators, and tech that’ll come in handy this year.

Chances are your kid still has to submit at least some paper assignments, so the PIXMA TR8520 Wireless Printer is a great thing to grab, particularly when it’s half off.

Buy Now $100

Save a hundred bucks on the PowerShot G9 X Mark II, because pictures can spice up any school report (and you don’t want to trust those first day of school pictures to be crappy cell phone snaps).

Buy Now $430

The Best Back to School Deals at Dick’s Sporting Goods

You may not think of Dick’s when you think of back to school shopping, but the retailer has plenty of deals on backpacks for up to 40% off and shoes (including cleats) up to 50% off.

The Best Back to School Deals at the Google Store

Google has an ever-growing line of hardware, from laptops to speakers, and much of it is on sale through their official store.

Save $250 on a sleek, touchscreen-equipped 128GB Pixelbook laptop.

Buy Now $750

The Google Pixel 2 XL is a massive, beautiful Android smartphone that you can snag for $100 off. And they’re even throwing in a $50 gift card to sweeten the deal.

Buy Now $750

Google Pixel Buds are Bluetooth earbuds that, when paired with an Android device, allow you to access the Google Assistant sans screen. They’re currently $50 less than normal.

Buy Now $109

The Best Back to School Deals at Office Depot

You can find solid deals deals on basic school supplies at Office Depot, including stationary, writing utensils, and notepads.

Kids still need notebooks and Just Basics spiral notebooks, which are classic spiral notebooks and available in several different colors, are on sale for just 25 cents each.

Buy Now $0.25

A 12-pack of Crayola colored pencils is just a dollar.

Buy Now $1

Office Depot is also selling a 24-pack of classic Crayola Crayons for just 50 cents.

Buy Now $0.50

In terms of pencils, Dixon Ticonderaga pencils are the gold standard. You can get 12 for just a buck and a half.

Buy Now $1.50

As far as other necessities, Looseleaf paper is just 85 cents in both college and wide ruled varieties.

Buy Now $0.85

The dog might not be able to eat your kid’s homework, but an internet outage could. The SanDisk Cruzer Glide 32GB flash drive is a nice backup for large assignments — available for just $8.

Buy Now $8

The Best Back to School Deals at Staples

Staples has a number of great deals of its own, including a 20 percent discount on school supplies if you buy a backpack there first.

College and wide ruled composition books are just 50 cents a pop.

Buy Now $0.50

The Best Back to School Deals at Target

School uniforms are 20% off. at Target. Plus, there are a number of excellent deals on basic back to school supplies.

Two-pocket folders in a slew of different colors can be had for just 15 cents apiece.

Buy Now $0.15

Or, you can upgrade to more durable plastic folders for an additional 35 cents.

Buy Now $0.50

Pick up a solid set of Crayola washable markers for less than three bucks.

Buy Now $3

Mead spiral notebooks in seven different colors are less than a dollar.

Buy Now $0.59

These Elmer’s glue sticks are purple when applied but dry clear. You can grab a two-pack for 25 cents.

Buy Now $0.50

These necessary binders with view pockets from Target’s store brand are less than $2

Buy Now $2

The Best Back to School Deals at Wal-Mart

The massive retailer is the place to go if your kid needs a new calculator.

The Texas Instruments TI-30XIIS scientific calculator is less than ten bucks.

Buy Now $9

The TI-84 Plus graphing calculator can handle any high school math class you throw at it. It’s also on sale for way less than usual.

Buy Now $88

The Best Back to School Deals at Amazon

Amazon, unsurprisingly, has a massive sale on back to school items. There are tons of great deals to be had on backpacks (they’re 40 percent off, site-wide) writing instruments, and many other school supplies.

These Scotch Scissors aren’t the safest, but they’re a solid pair for the middle and high school sets, and they’re over half off right now.

Buy Now $6

Mistakes happen. Cover them with BIC Wite-Out Correction Tape, four for six bucks.

Buy Now $6

Pilot G2 pens are among the best gel pens on the market, and a 12 pack is more than half off right now.

Buy Now $12

If your kids don’t use all of these classic Sharpie markers at school you’ll definitely find them useful around the house. You can grab a 5-pack for for three bucks.

Buy Now $3

A more expansive, more colorful 24-pack of Sharpies is also available at a great price.

Buy Now $14

Speaking of color, you can grab a  60-pack of colored pencils from Prismacolor, which is n sale for $19, down from almost $45.

Buy Now $19

This pack of Accent Retractable Highlighters comes with eight different colors and zero caps to lose.

Buy Now $7

Nothing says prepared student like a mini stapler from Swingline that easily fits in a pencil pouch or backpack.

Buy Now $4

Mr. Sketch Scented Markers write great and smell even better.

Buy Now $6

Twenty-four BIC Xtra-Precision mechanical pencils for less than six bucks is a great deal.

Buy Now $6

The Best Back to School Deals at eBags

The online luggage retailer has some great deals on backpacks for back to school.

This pocket-dense SwissGear 1900 Scansmart Laptop Backpack is half off and doubles as a TSA-friendly travel backpack.

Buy Now $65

Select colors of the Refugio Pack from the always reliable Patagonia are $27 less than usual.

Buy Now $62

You can use the 40 bucks you save on this Timbuk2 Q Laptop Backpack on school supplies to fill it up.

Buy Now $59

Samsonite doesn’t just make suitcases. Their UBX Commuter laptop backpack has great online reviews and is 60 percent off.

Buy Now $40

The Best Back to School Sales at JCPenney

The venerable department store has tons of great deals on backpacks and apparel for kids.

The classic JanSport SuperBreak backpack is just $36, down from $48.

Buy Now $36

The JanSport Digital Student backpack comes with many more pockets is still priced to move at 25 percent off.

Buy Now $55

Fall may be on the horizon, but the first few weeks of all are still going to be hot. Arizona Flex Chino Shorts for boys are 70% off and they’ll keep your kids cool.

Buy Now $9

The extra pockets will cost you an extra buck, but Arizona cargo shorts for boys are still on sale for a pretty good deal.

Buy Now $9

Striped shirts for girls are marked down to a hair over $4, so you can afford to stock up for when the first shirts are inevitably stained and/or ripped.

Buy Now $4

The Minecraft-loving kid in your life will love this Minecraft backpack, which can be had today for less than half of its original price.

Buy Now $21

The Best Back to School Sales at Finish Line

For a lot of parents, new school year means new school kicks. Finish Line knows this and has marked down a ton of styles for kids.

These Nike Lunar Force I Duckboot ’17 boots are aggressively styled and, at $37, aggressively discounted.

Buy Now $37

Jordans aren’t going out of style anytime soon, so these heavily-discounted Jordan Jumpman Pro basketball shoes should still be cool after winter vacation.

Buy Now $75

These Reebok Club C Gigi shoes have the metallic finish and low price to stand out from their competitors.

Buy Now $15

The Best Back to School Sales at Macy’s

This particular department store is also throwing out a ton of deals across different departments.

Lots of Nike clothing is 25 percent  off, including this sweet Tiger-Print cotton T-shirt.

Buy Now $15

If your kid is a DC Comics lover you could do a lot worse than this Justice League three-pack of bags–backpack, drawstring, and lunch — for 60 percent off.

Buy Now $14

Star Wars kids will be more into this R2-D2 backpack at the same price.

Buy Now $14

This floral dress from Epic Threads is available for less than half price right now.

Buy Now $10

The Best Back to School Sales at L.L. Bean

The unofficial backpack of the state of Maine is on sale for 25 percent off through August 19. Take your pick between solid color deluxe book packs

Buy Now $50

…or deluxe printed book packs (with crazy designs).

Buy Now $50

The Best Back to School Deals at Old Navy

The budget clothing retailer has plenty of deals on all kinds of clothes for kids.

Logo shirts from both DC and Marvel are available for $8, including this classic Superman logo tee.

Buy Now $8

Space is awesome, and so is this girl’s ringer tee celebrating NASA and rainbows.

Buy Now $11

The gradient T-Rex on this shirt makes it a great choice for any dino-loving kid. The price makes it a great choice for any budget-minded parent.

Buy Now $4

Math and wordplay? This curved-hem tee has it all.

Buy Now $6

Jeans for boys are starting at the insanely low price of $8.

Buy Now $8

…as are jeans for girls.

Buy Now $8