The 2016 Back-To-School Buyers Guide

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Throw the budget out the window, because it’s back-to-school time and your kid definitely needs that new backpack. And those new shoes. And of course some pencils and notebooks. And some of those gadgets look like they might actually help Junior learn. It starts to add up quick, so choose wisely, and by “wisely,” we mean “from this list.” There are selections for kids of all ages and, by the time you’re done, your own kid will be kitted out and ready for school. All you’ll have left to do is help with their homework.

backpacksYour Kid Is Begging For A Cool New Backpack. Here Are 12
There are few better ways to trick your kids into lugging around their own stuff than buying them a new backpack. And to really sell them on the idea that toting heavy books is fun (!), that backpack needs to stand out. Which is why we’ve put together 12 of the coolest and cutest, hippest and high tech, bags on the market for all age ranges. Read More …

Sesame_ElmoBack-To-School Kicks That Are So Cool, You’ll Want To Blow 40-ish Bucks On Them
From desert boots to boat shoes to the freshest pair of Air Jordans (man, the ’80s rocked), back to school has always meant scoring a sweet pair of new kicks. And while styles come and go (and come again), there have seemingly never been more shoes to choose from — a design for every kid, you might say. And, no, not every type of kid. Literally, every bleeping kid. Here are 12 of the slickest pairs for children of every age group. Read More …

omielife_2014_05_05-123-3copy-1You Won’t Believe How Far Lunch Box Technology Has Come Since Your Day
Because there’s no way you’re going to let Junior actually use that vintage Star Wars Sandspeeder lunchbox sitting on the living room shelf (it’s a collectible, dammit), here are 12 equally as cool bags, boxes, and containers in which they can tote their Lunchables to school. Read More …

Fatherly_School_SuppliesAll The Pencils, Scissors, And Organizers Your Kid Needs To Go Back To School
For as much as kids hate going back to school, they sure don’t have a problem getting excited about new supplies. Especially when said new gear includes ninja pencils, Star Wars notebooks, and all the other cool stuff found on this year’s back-to-school checklist. Read More …

Screen-Shot-2016-08-03-at-4.04.51-PMGadgets For Back-To-School That Won’t Melt Your Kid’s Brain
Regardless of where you come down in the “more or less technology” parenting debate, you can’t deny that some gadgets will definitely help make your child smarter. Or keep them safer. Or just help you avoid losing your mind as you try to make them smarter while keeping them safe. You get the idea. These are 12 of those gadgets. Read More …

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