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Amazon Is Having a Huge Sale on Baby Gear. These Are the Best Deals.

Babies need a lot of stuff, and Amazon has a ton of it on sale this month.

Need some new stuff for the little one? There’s a huge baby gear sale on Amazon this month, with deep discounts on all the gear a parent could ever need for their diaper-wearing bundle of joy. Everything from diapers and bibs to strollers and toys, so if you have a baby shower coming up or a newborn of your own at home you should check it out. While not everything is a must-buy, there are plenty of substantial discounts on well-reviewed items that we think every parent could use. Here are eight of our favorites.

Strollers are essential, but sometimes it's nice to strap the kid to your chest and walk around unencumbered. This MiaMily carrier comes highly rated and is on sale for over $46 less than its list price.

We’re big fans of the versatility of this carrier. It can be used as a hip seat, for when you’re standing around with the kid and don’t want your back and shoulders to carry all the load, or as a front- or back-mounted carrier when you and the kid are on the go. It also has extra storage and — praise be! — a pocket that keeps your phone within reach.

Sunscreen is expensive, yet it's so, so necessary during the summer months. So don't miss your chance to stock up with this two-pack of SPF 70 spray for over 40 percent off.

The kid-friendly spray sunscreen in these five-ounce canisters lasts for up to 80 minutes. It’s designed to stay on even when your kids are playing in water; you can even reapply to wet skin and be confident your kids are protected.

Does a childhood without blocks even count as a childhood? You won't need to find out when you pick up this colorful, eclectic set of ten, on sale for $4 off the normal price.

These ten different blocks come in a ton of shapes and colors, and the bucket is great for storing these blocks when they’re not in use. It also has a lid with cutouts that correspond to the shapes, so kids can practice recognizing shapes and, by putting them through the lid, fine motor skills.

Getting infants to bathe without throwing a fit can be tricky. A solid boat toy can be a nice incentive, and this one is on sale for less than half its typical price.

Kids will love filling the boat with water and pouring it out from the hull. You’ll love that it’s made from recycled milk jugs in the USA. That’s what we call a win-win.

If your kid isn't quite here yet, you should check out this deal on a quality Graco foam crib mattress. It's the number one seller in its category on Amazon, and it's $10 off right now.

Like most foam mattresses for adults, this kid-sized version ships compressed. After a few days, it will expand to its full size, with a design that facilitates airflow, has a fire barrier, and provides more than enough firmness to support the delicate bone structure of a baby.

If your baby's summer includes plenty of pool time, this floating activity center is definitely worth it, especially for nearly $14 off its list price.

There’s a fun octopus design on the surface of this activity center, which floats thanks to dual air chambers. There’s also a canopy that provides real sun protection and a rattle, squeaker, and stacking rings built-in. Add to these features the portability of this toy, and you’ve got a summertime savior.

By the time you reach toilet training, you can start to look forward to when toilet training is over. Hooray! Make the whole process easier with this miniature toilet that can help kids get used to the real thing. It's on sale for under $25, way less than its normal price tag of nearly $38.

It looks just like an adult toilet, and it has sound effects that mean it sounds like the real thing too. There’s also a wipe dispenser and a clip-on splash guard, thoughtful features that will hopefully make toilet training a bit more tolerable.

Some kids need a white noise machine to sleep better (or sleep at all). This portable option comes with white noise and six other sound options, and it's five bucks cheaper if you buy it today.

This thing works plugged into the wall or with four AA batteries, so you can bring it on the road easily. It has an auto-off timer and adjustable volume along with options for thunder, ocean, rain, summer night, and babbling brook. We feel more relaxed already.

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