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This Smart Bottle Knows When it’s Time to Feed Your Baby

It tracks how much your baby ate at every feed.

Baby feeding shouldn’t be a Herculean task. But so often, it is. There’s a lot of uncertainty in the world of parenting, especially when you’re in those early, hazy newborn days. The BlueSmart Mia2, a Bluetooth-enabled silicone sleeve that fits onto many different baby bottles, is a baby feeding tracker designed to take the guesswork out of feeding babies by creating a digital baby feeding chart

This smart baby bottle sleeve automatically tracks and records how much your baby ate, to take all the uncertainty out of baby feeding.

It’s a blissfully simple process. You slide the sleeve onto the bottle you’ve just made, set it onto a flat surface and it will record both liquid volume and temperature. (There’s an app that tracks all of this information.) Assuming the temperature is Goldilocks-perfect, an indicator light turns on, which is your cue to feed your baby. Once you start, if you hold the bottle too steeply, a blinking light will flash red.

When you finish, you place the bottle back onto the flat surface so it records the session as complete, logging the length of time and the amount consumed. (And even if you need to start and stop the feed several times, because babies can be complicated little beings, the data all eventually gets merged together for a single 30-minute period.) 

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The Mia2, which is currently sold in either pink or blue, can also give you a warning when the milk in the bottle has been out for too long and needs to be tossed. When it’s time to clean it, the silicone sleeve can be put in the dishwasher after it’s separated from the electronic indicator puck, which should be hand washed. The Mia2 has a battery life of about a week (bonus for sleep-deprived parents!), and can be charged using the included wireless plate.

The app is compatible with Alexa and can also track nursing sessions, sleep blocks, solid feedings, diaper changes, weight checks and milestones. Parents can get really comprehensive and add photos and journal entries, and even create reports for the pediatrician to review. If you have others caring for your baby during the day, you can also add them to the app so they can log their own entries. Another thing nervous parents may appreciate if they’re using a caregiver: The chance to check in remotely to see how feedings are going. 

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Okay, so now that they’ve gotten a handle on eating, perhaps the geniuses at BlueSmart could do us a favor and tackle teething, potty training or even puberty?

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