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This RC Off-Road Rig Can Dominate Any Obstacle In Its Path

The question you have to ask when considering buying an RC toy car for you kid is how rugged do you want it? If the answer is: “It has to scale a pile of boulders, then plow through a creek while making it’s way across the rocky, alien surface of Mars,” then the Axial RR10 Bomber is the badass RC truck you’re looking for.

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The RR10 Bomber from Axial is a realistic, remote-controlled replica of a high-performance, off-road rock-racing car (the Bomber Fab KOH) driven by 2-time “King of the Hammers” rock racing champion, Randy Slawson. Seriously, check out the above video of this thing crushing boulders. It’s hardcore.

Designed for people who spend weekends in the wilderness racing RC cars competitively, the RR10 Bomber measures 22-inches by 11-inches and weighs just north of 6 pounds. It rocks a fully-licensed “plastic tube chassis” and adjustable aluminum shocks with “precision machined pistons”. It also has a full set of official off-road BF Goodrich Baja tires, including a spare on the back.

Worried that the RR10 Bomber might be too much for Junior? Well, it also boasts a front-mounted battery tray under the hood, a 3-channel radio system, WB8 HD driveshafts, and a “Hi-Lo transmission with dual slipper clutch.” So, you’re probably right.

Axial RR10 BomberBut who cares? This rugged RC car conquers almost any obstacle that gets in its way. Including the neighbor’s Star Wars drone that crashed on the red plan … In your front yard.

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