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Awair Glow Monitors The Air Inside Your House With Your Smartphone

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You already know that Awair makes an incognito home air quality monitor. And you also know that one in 10 kids has asthma in this country. So, knowing those 2 things, you want to make sure that your baby is breathing only the finest oxygen and nitrogen. Enter Awair Glow, the smaller version of the speaker-sized Awair that has the added benefit of a built-in nightlight. Now that nursery is complete.

Awair Glow Smart Outlet

Glow plugs into any outlet in your house and syncs to your smartphone over Wi-Fi. Download the accompanying app and keep tabs on a room’s humidity, temperature, CO2, chemicals, and dust — all of which is easy to read on the color-coded air quality score. If it’s red, you should probably find a new spot to varnish the diaper changer.

Or, if you don’t have the app handy the device uses LEDs that alert you to the DEFCON level of the air in the room. And data nerds get the added bonus of being able to swipe through trend charts and note the “parts per billion” of particulates (for cryin’ out glavin!)

Awair Glow Smart Outlet

It also understands the difference between pointing out a problem, and actually doing something about it. Plug a fan, air purifier, humidifier (de- or otherwise), portable heater, air conditioner, etc. into Glow’s power outlet, and as soon as the air quality dips into the danger zone the appliance will turn on. You can also customize it use a motion sensor or set a timer — just like that lamp that lets criminals know you’re on vacation.

awair glow

And because it ain’t named Awair Glow for nothing, it also works as a basic nightlight that can be programmed to either detect motion or turn on when it’s time to … start dusting!

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