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The Austlen Entourage Is the Monster Stroller You Never Knew You Needed

It has a 150-pound capacity and that's no joke.

We’ve seen a travel stroller that easily fits in overhead bins on an airplane. A city stroller with more configurations than Optimus Prime. There’s even an electric stroller out there that offers an extra power boost when your strength fails and laziness kicks in. And at last, we’ve discovered a stroller that has a less subtle, but no less useful trick: The Austlen Entourage is big. Like, house-on-wheels big. As they say, there’s no place like home.

The Austlen Entourage stroller not only holds a lot — 150 pounds’ worth of kids and cargo, to be precise — but it has more than 30 configurations, so you can customize it to look and roll however you want. Gone are the days of trying to shove a box of cereal, or that extra pack of wipes, into a rinky-dink storage basket that can barely hold your sunglasses. Try, three grocery bags with room to spare.

This stroller hauls around a mind-blowing 150 pounds' worth of kid and gear.

The Entourage has three linear stages that allow you to switch as you go with easy, one-handed expansion. The stroller’s market tote and lower storage area expand to carry extra-large items, like containers of detergent or bags of dog food. The seat has five recline positions, as well as an adjustable footrest to accommodate children from birth to 50 pounds.

But more importantly, it’s big and gets bigger, easily converting from single stroller to double stroller. If you do use the second seat (sold separately), it fits babies from six months up to 40 pound and has multiple recline positions. Indeed, it can carry an ice chest, or fully packed luggage.

You can change the configuration so it fits two kids.

The tires on the stroller are made of a hard plastic (no air) that is tempered with a hefty dual-spring suspension. Go slow because this is not a running stroller (who wants to push a small house around anyway?)

The Austlen Entourage includes the stroller frame with seat, adjustable market tote, extra-large lower storage basket, rotating and removable vegan leather child arm bar, extendable canopy with sun visor, fenders that allow the stroller to stand when folded, and wheels. Secondary seating and additional accessories are sold separately.

And don’t actually cart around a full beer keg — it’s not a good look.

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