This Crazy Slingshot Has Its Own Laser Sight

Despite what Dennis the Menace and Bart Simpson might lead one to believe, slingshots are notoriously difficult to aim. They take a lot of practice to master, and even then, there’s a reason why the only thing anybody ever hits with them are giant windows. The Assolar SS-12, however, looks to change that: Far from the y-shaped slingshot toys of a youth well spent, the truly wicked looking wrist rocket comes mounted with a laser sight that puts an ominous red dot squarely on the target.

Designed mostly for small-game hunters and outdoorsmen skilled at identifying animals by their scat, the Assolar SS-12 laser slingshot, which was first spied by The Gadgeteer, propels steel balls with the help of both rubber bands but also a spring-loaded mechanism. It rocks a notched pistol grip and framed wrist brace for steadier shooting. A laser flashlight and infrared sight ensure the target stays both in sight and in the crosshairs. Not only that, but the Assolar SS-12 also shoots full-sized arrows. Simply attach the enclosed bracket, channel your inner Geena Davis, and fire away.


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Assolar SS-12 Super Power Hunting Laser Slingshot

Is this the only high-end slingshot around? No. Hunting stores are teeming with them. But there’s something about the Assolar SS-12 that makes us want to distract the kids and demolish a bunch of tin cans in the backyard. The rig runs just south of $90 on Amazon, and additional 220-count bags of 6mm carbon balls cost about $10.

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Assolar SS-12 Super Power Hunting Laser Slingshot

Assolar SS-12 Super Power Hunting Laser Slingshot

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