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This Remote-Controlled Monster Truck Tops Out At 60 MPH

Remote-controlled cars have come a long way from your childhood when they flipped over every time they hit the edge of the carpet the wrong way (while going  2 mph, no less). Today’s class of kids toys are seemingly built to demolish everything in their path, not to mention hit speeds your Kia can barely reach. All while saving your kid the constant frustration of having to right the ship every two minutes before eventually giving up and going inside for Sunny D. ARRMA’s Fazon 6S BLX, which hits speeds over 60 mph (no joke), is one of those cars.

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The real name of the game for this rig is versatility, and obviously, speed. With 4 different preset driving modes (Drift, Climb, Blast, and Wheelie ⏤ which you can switch between on the fly thanks to its “Diff Brain”), humongous 5 split-spoke black wheels, and a 2000Kv brushless engine (okay, motor) that looks like it was built by Kenickie from Grease, the Fazon 6S BLX is flipping books. It’s aerodynamic, bullet-like body rides low to the ground and thanks to 4WD and shock absorbers on both the rear and front axles, “Blast” mode is an absolute, well, blast.

ARRMA Fazon 6X BLS 4WD R/C Car

The only thing that’s not a blast, honestly, is the price tag: this is a pro-level ride and runs a hefty $650. And that doesn’t even include the Lithium-Polymer batteries, which are sold separately. So, yes, it’s an expensive gift for your budding motorhead, but at least you can rest assured that they won’t have to flip it over every time it grazes a rock. And, better still, they won’t spend all afternoon inside drinking Sunny D.

Buy Now $650