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The Best Anti-Aging Products for Men…Which Were Made for Women

Sure, your wife loves them. Which is the best reason to coopt them for your own use.

The best anti-aging products have one simple but rather Herculean task: To somehow make Father Time less of a bastard and keep your visage looking as smooth and bright as possible. Anti-aging creams for men, in particular, have plenty of benefits. They work. But guys, listen up. Don’t be afraid to dig into your better half’s stash because the serums or creams might look too fancy or frou-frou for your liking. Trust us. We’ve been marketed to by the beauty industry our whole lives, we know how to read labels, and we know what works. Here are some key items you need to try. Yes, they might belong to your spouse or partner. Consider that proof that they’re worth your time.

Imagine giving your eyes a massage every single day. That's what this cream is like. Ingredients like vanilla planifolia fight signs of aging, while also making you look like you got 12 hours of solid sleep.

This SPF cream, from Rihanna's new skin care line, is legit the best thing we've used this summer. SPF moisturizers tend to be heavy and greasy. This is the opposite. It goes on like silk (cliches be damned). It's oil-free and reef-safe; it's made without oxybenzone or octinoxate. It's refillable. And totally invisible.

If you have dry skin, you still need a great cleanser. You just need one that won't make you feel like you ran sandpaper over your face. This is that cleanser. It gets the job done without stripping your skin. It has a very delicate scent that isn't overpowering, and that won't stick to you like that proverbial glue. And it feels heavenly when you use it.

The best ad for this serum is Tom Ford himself. The dude is ageless. He fucking glows. This serum wakes up your tired, dingy skin thanks to its powerful concentrations of white porcelain cacao, caffeine and gyokuro. Yes it's pricey, but a single drop does the trick.

This looks more like a high-tech gadget than a skin care device and that's precisely the point. It's a handheld work of art that emits energetic vibrations that are pushed into the skin through positive-and negatively-charged discs on the bottom of the ZIIP. Basically, it's all a fancy way of saying that it activates your face to look and feel more alive. You can use the app to create a customized skin care routine based on your own needs and change the intensity.

No, the right face oil won't make your skin greasy or shiny or nasty. This is that oil. If you have dry skin, it's your holy grail. The weightless oil is full of vitamins E and C, which make you look more radiant and refreshed. Which, after sitting in front of screens all day, is something we can all appreciate.

This cream, made with 1 percent vegan retinol, gives your skin new life. Retinol helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles by speeding up the the turnover of skin cells and increasing the production of collagen. However, it can also dry out and irritate the skin, so test this out first before going whole hog and work your up to using it on a regular basis. And wear SPF during the day.

Breakouts stuck. They suck worse when you're an adult. Behold this magical miracle gel. A single drop of this combo of zinc oxide and tea tree oil zap zits. Without itching, burning, or drying out your face.

Creme de la Mer is pretty much the holy grail of anti-aging products. Think of this as the cream's younger velvety sibling. You put in first, just a few drops. And after two weeks, you'll notice that your face looks less blotchy. Your pores are less noticeable. And you just look like you slept for 12 hours.

You know how garbage you feel after you've had a few too many? Parched. Tired. Just generally blah. When your skin feels like that, here's the cream for it. There's a reason it has a massive cult following. It's so insanely hydrating, yet it doesn't feel greasy nor will it make you break out. It's especially great to use during colder weather, or if you live in a dry climate. It's loaded with argan, avocado and evening primrose oil to keep your skin nicely moisturized.

Think of this as a facelift without actually going under the knife. The results are temporary, of course. But this stuff works. The secret sauce is the caviar, which helps your visage look and feel more firm and elastic. It softens your facial expression, thus making you look younger. It's that simple. Use a droplet and this should last you for a good, long time.

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