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The Best Anti-Aging Products for Men

These six products are specially formulated to help your skin look like it did before kids gave you wrinkles.

At $4.5 billion in sales last year, men’s grooming products are suddenly on everyone’s radar. Interestingly, the fastest growing segment of that market is not shaving gadgets or hair styling aids but skin care. Specifically, treatments that make you look better than you did when you were a freshman in college.

Global marketing research firm, Mintel, took a closer look at the trend and here’s what they found: Dads are the biggest drivers of anti-aging skin treatments. In fact, one-third of fathers say they choose grooming products in an effort to look younger. Researchers also found that the interest in anti-aging products rises to almost 40 percent for fathers with two kids, proving that twice the fun equals double the wrinkles. Compare this to just 23 percent of guys without kids, and it’s clear who is driving the anti-aging market for men.

Companies have been quick to answer the call: A quick search on amazon reveals more than 1,000 hits for men’s anti-aging creams. The question is, which ones are the best? Here are six of the most effective anti-aging products formulated specifically for men.

You want: A smoother face

You need: Dark Moon Hydrating Cream 

Here’s why: Remember way back, like waaaaay back, before crow’s lines, or acne, or junior-high zits graced your face. There was actually a time when you had soft, supple skin that looked, well, youthful. You won’t ever get that skin back, but you can get close to it with this enriching moisturizer that enhances collagen production to create healthy, new skin cells through its potent blend of Kakadu plum, rosemary extract, swamp maple, and horopito oil.

Buy Now $65

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You want: Less wrinkles

You need: Kiehl’s Age Defender Power Serum

Here’s why: It’s hard to beat this brand when it comes to quality ingredients. The visibly lifting, anti-wrinkle treatment for men comes in a quick-absorbing, lightweight, highly concentrated formula that strengthens and firms skin through active ingredients cypress extract and adenosine.

Buy Now $70

You want: Energized skin

You need: Clinique for Men Super Energizer Anti-Fatigue Exfoliating Powder Cleanser

Here’s why: Clinique is for guys in the know. As in, the dad who knows he needs help with his skin and knows this brand, one of the first to formulate its products for the unique skin-care needs of men, will not disappoint. The genius of this invigorating, gently exfoliating powder is that you decide how aggressive or mild it should be. The powder is activated by adding a few drops of water—more water, gentler scrub; less water, tougher love. The cleanser revives dull, tired skin while unclogging pores and removing excess oil.

Buy Now $45

You want: A firmer face

You need: Brickell Men’s Products Repairing Night Serum

Here’s why: The all-natural ingredients in this nightly lightweight moisturizing salve work together to boost collagen production, increase skin elasticity, and firm your face while you sleep. Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and plant stem cells repair damaged skin, reduce inflammation, and increase the production of new skin cells that create a firmer appearance.

Buy Now $75

You want: Brighter eyes

You need: Lab Series for Men Age Rescue+ Eye Therapy

Here’s why: The wake-up call your tired eyes have been begging for, this formula uses a special patented delivery system to send energizing ginseng into the skin below your eyes to reduce signs of fatigue. The product also provides an innovative fusion of two powerful peptides that help support collagen production. What’s more, the brand’s proprietary AO-10™ complex of antioxidants helps neutralize environmental aggressors to slow signs of aging.

Buy Now $43

You want: To protect your skin

You need: Malin + Goetz Recovery Treatment Oil

Here’s why: Nourishing enough to be used in lieu of moisturizer, but subtle enough that be layered with other skin-care products if you choose, this treatment contains nine natural oils that work together to protect your skin from the damage of free radicals, a major cause of aging in skin. Argon and jojoba oils soften the lines on your face while providing a protective barrier that locks in moisture; grapeseed and rosehip oils improve elasticity.

Buy Now $82