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The Greatest Travel Coffee Mug of All Time Is on Sale Today

It's spill-proof, stylish, and keeps your coffee hot all day.

A great travel coffee mug is hard to find. It must keep your coffee hot, yes, but it must also be able to make it from point A to point B without spilling you precious elixir (particularly if you made it with the finest coffee beans) or causing it to geyser up every time you try to take a sip on the go. It must also hold a decent amount of coffee and be comfortable in your hand. And like a good man, such a mug is hard to find, but Zojirushi coffee mugs nail all of these criteria. And they’re on sale at Amazon today.

Zojirushi mugs have inspired a cult following for a lot of reasons, but first and foremost is their heat retention. The vacuum-sealed, stainless steel mugs, the company claims, can keep a liquid at 190 degrees for one hour and 163 degrees for six hours. While we haven’t scientifically tested these claims, we can say anecdotally that our Zojirushi mugs keep coffee hot well into the afternoon.

Beyond just their excellent insulation, Zojirushi mugs are well-designed and easy to operate. The cap features button that you push to flip up the lid, revealing a spout that’s easy to pour from or drink from directly. There’s also an easy-to-use lock that really works: When engaged, the lock keeps the lid sealed tightly (One Fatherly staffer has endured a very bumpy commute with a mug in his bag for over a year and never had a drop of coffee leak from a locked mug)

The Zojirushi mug is almost disconcertingly lightweight thanks to its stainless steel and BPA-free plastic construction. It’s also easy to clean: the interior has a nonstick coating and the cap disassembles so you can get into every crevice. It even looks good: the sleek, matte finish complemented by a slender profile that won’t be too big for any cupholder or backpack bottle sleeve.

Amazon has the silky black 16-ounce version of this timeless mug on sale for just $18.50 today, a solid 30 percent discount on a mug that’ll keep your coffee hot no matter how brutal winter gets.

Buy Now $19