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Deal: The Arlo Pro 2 Home Security System Is 33 Percent off Today

That's a hell of a sale on this brain-y security system.

Once upon a time, home security systems required the skills of an electrician and a sizable chunk of money. Now, modern systems not only make it easy to stick a few cameras around your property. Not only that, but the smart security cameras let you peek in on your property through your phone and send you alerts when something triggers them. If you’re in the market for an easy-to-install smart home security system, Amazon is selling one of the best, the Arlo Pro 2 Three Camera Kit, at 34 percent off today. That’s a savings of $230 dollars.

Designed for outdoor use, the Arlo Pro 2 package comes with everything you need for a wireless home security setup. There’s a hub, three cameras, three sets of quick-charge batteries and various mounts and attachments. The cameras are weatherproof (specifically, they’re IR65-rated), easy to mount, and stream footage in crisp 1080p. They’re also equipped with motion sensors, night vision modes, and two-way communication. The Lithium-ion battery packs that make them wireless last up to six months before needing to be recharged. The hub is what connects to your Wi-Fi router and where footage is stored (it will store the past 7 days worth of footage of triggered events (the cameras do not continuously stream); additional storage will cost you more). On the back of the hub is a 100 decibel smart siren on the back that can be programmed to go off when motion or sound is detected. The Arlo app has everything you need to keep track of the action taking place on your premises.

So, If you’re looking for a smart home security system, the Arlo Pro 2 is a pretty solid option. Normally, this three-camera bundle would cost you $680. Today it’s on sale for $450, a savings of $230. Yeah, it’s pricey. But it’s not that expensive when it comes to peace of mind.

Buy Now $450